TiPX/TPX Pistol: Micro Remote Line

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With so many players using the TiPX/TPX Pistol as a backup, and the continuing growth of players using it as a primary marker with various body kits and accessories it is only fitting that we provide a remote line that will meet the needs of these players. 

The TiPX/TPX Pistol Remote Remote Line is designed to be light weight and easy to use. No more bulky coiled remote lines getting in the way and interfere with you getting out there and dominating the field!

Product Specifications:
  • Hose Length: 4 Feet
  • On/Off Air Tank Adapter
  • Quick Release Connect
  • Uses Black Microline
  • Compatible with HPA
  • Compatible with 1/8-27 NTP Accessories
  • Made in U.S.A

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