TPX/TiPX Machine Pistol (Marker Not Included)

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Looking for a new Look for your TPX/TiPX? Check out the Tippmann TPX/TiPX Machine Pistol. 

Using a Silencer to cover the barrel it looks as though you have a short barrel with a silencer attached while instead you have a full 12 inch barrel hidden inside! This Hidden barrel allows for Improved performance and greater shot to shot accuracy!

For added stability we have included a folding vertical grip!

Product Features:
  • 1x Stark Pursuit Zeta Mag
  • 1x 12 inch Recon Rifled Barrel
  • 1x MK23 II Socom Silencer
  • 1x MK23 II Extension (Long)
  • 1x Vertical Folding Grip

****Does Include Marker, TiPX Magazine, or any other Accessories not Listed in Product Description****

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