Reusable/Refillable 12g Co2 Cylinder (5 Pack)

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CO2/Air Products

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Have a sidearm you use as a backup on the field? Tired of losing a 12 gram Co2 Cartridge every time you load your marker whether you use it or not? The Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cartridge if for you!

Known Compatibility List:
  • RAP4 Combat Pistol
  • RAP226
  • RAM P99
  • Tiberius T8/T8.1 Pistol
  • Sheridan PGP
  • RTR Gargoyle
  • Kingman pistols

Have you used this in other markers? Let us know and we can update the list!

**You will need the Reusable/Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cylinder to use this product**

****This is not compatible with the Tippmann TPX/TiPX****


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