Backyard Plinking Kit

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Looking for an way to get let some rounds fly in the backyard? The Backyard Plinking Kit is the way to go!

Designed to work with pretty much any marker (Hopper or Magfed) you own! The excuse of "I can't get to the Field" is no longer an option! 

Each time you hit your target you will hear that satisfying pinging sound and you will see the target sway back and forth reacting to the impact!

Run out of round? No problem, this target is designed to handle the impact of not just our plastic rounds but also rubber rounds, Shaped Projectiles/First Strike Rounds and standard paintballs!

You can continue to expand your target practice by picking up another Reactive Target from our Catalog!
Kit Includes:
  • 1x Reactive Marksman Target
  • 1x Bag of 500 .68 Caliber Plastic Balls

***Plastic Rounds are Intended for Testing and Target Shooting, They should never be shot at a Person or at Animals***

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