T68 Paintball Guns are .68 caliber markers that exactly replicate the look, ergonomics, and feel of the M16/M4 rifles. T68 Paintball Guns are readily upgradable with dozens of accessories like multi-position collapsible stocks, electronic and telescopic sights, and a rugged electronic trigger group capable of semi, burst, and fully automatic functioning. T68 Paintball Guns accept both CO2 and compressed air. For the most tactical look and feel, connect your tank with a remote line, or use on onboard CO2 cylinder hidden in the stock or in what looks like a grenade launcher.

T68 Paintball Guns accept all standard hoppers, or you can go tactical with an 18 round detachable magazine available standard on many models, and as an easily attached accessory for others. T68 Paintball Guns shoot standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! They operate on both CO2 and compressed air, attached via remote line or hidden onboard in a collapsible stock or faux grenade launcher.

T68 Paintball Guns feature the revolutionary “SplitFire” twin-feed system that enables you to use either the magazine alone, or the hopper alone, and with both installed, index back and forth between the two as easily as rotating a collar. This puts you in charge of scenarios and special missions that require restricted paint colors, or where you need eighteen backup shots available in a pinch.

T68 Paintball Guns provide you with an experience that is as real as possible, with detachable magazines and amazing functionality, the look and feel of the real thing…and dependability that you can count on.

When you need exciting gear for scenarios, training, or just having fun, the T68 Paintball Guns with their optional magazine feed systems will take you to that next level of realism. T68 Paintball Guns are fantastic scenario markers, with unique aesthetics and function that will set you apart at the field.

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