Paintball Industry Raises $10,000 for Katrina Victims

Paintball Industry Raises $10,000 for Katrina Victims

Manchester, NJ. October 2 - Looking around, you would be hard pressed to determine whether there were more paint stains (the tell-tale residue of a paintball exploding against clothing, rendering a paintball player out of a game) or smiles (the ear to ear sort that have their roots deep inside and that come from the knowledge that you just did something that would genuinely help others). Such was the scene when RAP4's sponsor team, Undertakers Paintball, and numerous others helped raise funds in excess of $10,000 to help with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

"Ever since Katrina arrived, people have pitched in to lend a helping hand. People from all the world rushed in to give their support," said KT Tran, of RAP4 (online at "This was something that we could do to help."

The something that Mr. Tran refers to was what he hopes was a trend-setting event for the paintball industry. Last week, with the support of paintball stores, players, clubs, and teams, the paintball industry came together to put on a paintball game benefit. "It was an exciting event to put together," said Hercules Papadogiannis, Captain of Undertakers Paintball Club and coordinator of the event. All in all, many teams came out to support the event and the Katrina relief effort, including Section8, VooDoo, RTD, Midnight Raiders, and National Guards. These teams, along with others, spent the hours between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM in an exciting game complete with a tank from TJ (of and Dawn (editor of, and a Hummer brought by the National Guards.

"Everyone who could come out to lend support had a great time and together we made a huge impact and on the relief plan," said Mr. Papadogiannis. Prizes were donated from corporate sponsors RAP4, Ambush Alpha, Animal Paintball, and WWE Wrestling, and immediately following the game, these prizes were auctioned off to the highest bidder.

"Over all it was a great event," said Mr. Papadogiannis, a broad smile splitting his face. "We hope to start a trend for industry, helping out worthy causes."

All funds raised are donated to the American Red Cross.

Thanks to these individuals that made this event possible:
Event CO: Hercules Papadogiannis, Undertakers Captain / Jay Mirable, Undertakers NJ Commander
Head Ref: Captain "Kola", Midnight Raiders
Refs: Dan / Seiichi / Sal / Bryan / Nick
Field: Cousins, Manchester, NJ (Dean, Fred and all staff)
Media: Paintball Sports Magazine (Dawn & TJ) & The Red Cross
Props: Armored Fist Paintball (Dawn & TJ) Tanks
Others: All of the participants and onlookers who came out to lend support

For more information on event like these contact:
Hercules Papadogiannis, Captain/Founder
Undertakers & N.T.S.L
(National - Tactical - Scenario - League)
Contact: (718) 431-4555

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