Our market is paintball; our products are as specialized as our customers; our goal is customer satisfaction. We will provide valuable tactical products to military, law enforcement, and other highly sophisticated end users who demand nothing less than the best.
RAP4 - as real as it gets!

Please contact manager@rap4.com if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

What RAP4 customer say about our service:
All I can say is amazing. I just want to thank everyone from RAP4 who has helped me out with any question I have had about your products...which have been alot..lol...within 24 hrs I get a response...sometimes 20 min!!!! so I just want to say that the service is amazing.....just amazing and look forward to all my future purchases through RAP4....you have made me a loyal supporter of your products and service....HOPE TO SEE RAP4 AT LIVING LEGENDS 3 IN JOLIET IL (CHICAGO) THIS MAY!!! THANKS AGAIN. - John Schulte

Real Action Paintball stands as a model of both customer service and dedication to their industry. Being an e-tailer gives them the opportunity, quite frankly, to shrug off any obligation for customer service. However they do not do this; rather, they take it very seriously. While being incredibly discontented with my order from them (for various reasons that they were only remotely responsible for) I fired off an acidic email to their service department that spared no hyperbole in portraying my anger. In a courteous and prompt manner they quickly credited my account to a perfectly acceptable tune. Their reasoning was that I am a valued customer. I believe they mean it; I am certainly going to return. I am not one to usually do something like this review but I am absolutely compelled here. This company reminds me that there is, in fact, such a thing as integrity in the marketplace. - Adam Gates

My name is John and i had a question about one of your products. So i decided to E-mail your sales devision to find an answer. Within one day i got an answer from a man named Vincent. He was the nicest and most helpful guy i have talked to. He was always asking if i had questions and because of him this will definatly not be the last product i buy from RAP4. Thank you for all of your help. - John Hruza

I just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing gun. I got it like 1 hour ago and I was testing it. Reliable blowback with m4 looks and great performance. From my 1 hour experience I can tell that taking it apart for cleaning (no it did not break a ball in rapid fire clip after clip) is a piece of cake. T68 is a masterpiece and now I realize what I pay for - quality....

...Finally I want to say that I am sold. You got yourself a customer and I will recommend you to anyone. I will extensively test the gun in harsh conditions and see how resistant and how well performing it is. I will get the shotgun next but this will be after summer after extreme testing of T68. - Dariusz Konopka

My name is Tim Morgan. I called your product support department earlier today and I spoke to Jim. I wanted to let you know that he was EXTREMELY helpful. I have always heard great things about your  support but I was amazed at how well he knew the systems and his ability to translate the directions and support into "Average Joe" Terms. Anyway, I just wanted to let you how great your staff
truely is. Thanks for the great support. -Tim Morgan