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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Real Action Paintball Marker?
An M4 Real Action Paintball Marker or RAP4, also known as M4 RAM is a mechanically accurate paintball gun replica of a US military and Police machine gun. The RAP4 operates in the same way the real military firearm does except it will only shoot PAINTBALLS. The paintballs are fitted in metal alloy shells or biodegradable plastic shells. The M4 RAM is powered by an environmentally friendly CO2 tank. The RAP4 ejects each spent paintball shell after it is fired just like a real M4 machine gun. The RAP4 is a paintball marker designed specifically for realistic combat simulation, including magazine capacity (20 rounds), function, and form. It features a fully automatic firing mode.
Does this gun use regular paintballs?
NO, this gun CANNOT fire the regular 0.68 inch paintball.  It uses a smaller size, 0.43 or 0.40 caliber paintball that has an aluminum-alloy case or a biodegradable plastic case. 
Can I use the RAP4 on any paintball field?
The best answer is: Check with the field you want to play on, and make specific arrangements with the management operating the field. Running on to your local paintball field with what appears to be a machine gun will certainly be unwelcome, and will gain you attention you don't want.  The RAP4 is designed to be used with standard paintball protective gear, and has a muzzle velocity equal to the standard for tournament play - 280fps. The major consideration is that the RAP4 is VERY REALISTIC in appearance and may not be welcome on all paintball fields. Check to see if a private game can be arranged where all the players are RAM owners, or are aware of the operation and appearance of your marker. We also suggest that you use  biodegradable plastic shells on outdoor fields.
Is the RAP4 CO2 tanks refillable?
Yes, the RAP4 CO2 tanks are refillable at any CO2 service locations.
Are the magazines re-usable?
YES. They work roughly the same way that real M4 magazines do - 20 rounds must be manually inserted into the magazine, then loaded into the gun. This can be done repeatedly. 
Can I use the RAP4 to play with other paintballers?
Yes. The RAP4 is designed as a paintball marker and requires only standard protective paintball gear. However, the RAP4 is also designed to simulate a real working military machine gun, including the 20-round magazine.  Most paintball guns use a 200 round hopper.   And, unlike other paint ball guns, the RAP4 can be switched from semi  to fully Automatic modes. The RAP4 is most effective for in-door close quarter combat scenario games.
Is the RAP4 loud?
NO. It can be fired without hearing protection. It does have a noticeable and realistic report - like that of your regular paintball marker.

How should I transport the RAP4?

Carefully! Treat it as you would a real firearm! It should only be transported unloaded, in a gun bag or container, with the ammunition in a separate container. Just as with any paintball marker - IT SHOULD NEVER BE AIMED LOADED OR UNLOADED AT ANYONE WHO IS NOT WEARING PROPER PROTECTIVE PAINTBALL GEAR AND DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN A PAINTBALL GAME ON A CONTROLLED AND REGULATED FIELD!

How hard is it to maintain a RAP4?

QUITE EASY! Its maintenance is fairly simple and it's easy to disassemble. The RAP4 is also less complicated than most other paintball guns..

Is the RAP4 compatible with regular CO2 tanks (for examples: 9oz, 12oz, or 20oz)?
Yes, the RAP4 is compatible with the regular CO2 tanks.