Welcome Giant Big Game Players

Play at giant big game and have a chance to take home RAP4's latest .68 caliber paintball gun -- the T68 CQB.
The T68 CQB has the advanced hammer and power spring that can receive a head shot at 150 feet, max range is 300feet. The T68 CQB uses standard .68 caliber paintball and can be used at any paintball fields. The T68 CQB is one of the most precise, dependable and powerful paintball guns for scenario paintball gun in the market today.  Don't forget to check out all different T68 CQB configurations.



Phantom Handguard with T68 M16 A2

(Click on image to enlarge) Phantom RIS Handguard with T68 CQB and grenade launcher

(Click on image to enlarge) Phantom RIS Handguard with: T68 CQB and grenade launcher, laser, bipod and scope

(Click on image to enlarge) Phantom RIS Handguard with: T68 CQB, laser, bipod and scope

Standard features of the T68 CQB:

Flexi System, can be used with remote line and has the ability to accept 45g and 60g tanks inside the butt stock for tactical training.
Detachable magazine for storage of paintballs, squeegees, tools and spare parts. Able to accept a functional  30 round magazines when it is available in the future..
Atom Smasher Trigger System for fast and furious shooting power. Has a standard military spec grip for comfort and able to use with standard AR grips.

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