boa magazine

t68 matador paintball gun with box magazine


The Box Magazine holds 250 paintball, it provides positive feeding, and gentle enough to work with the most brittle paint. This balance is carefully achieved, using a patent-pending design you won't find anywhere else. Easy to clean, easy to swap in and out, the Box Magazine is your perfect solution for bulk paint feeding.

- Compatible with all magazine fed T68 markers from Gen4 to current.
- Compatible with all Tacmark Markers
- Compatible with all MILSIG markers
- Compatible with all K-Series markers

Key Features:
- 250 paintballs capacity
- Fast consistent loading for rapid firing modes
- Dual side reloading
- High speed loading with Nautilus Drive™
- Easy to clean and maintain
- 1 year warranty

Pre-order before 9-01-2010 $99.99
Pre-order after 9-01-2010 $109.99
Pre-order after 9-15-2010 $119.99
Pre-order after 10-01-2010 $149.99

RAP4 Box Magazine With Nautilus Drive
RAP4 Box Magazine With Nautilus Drive