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T68 Paintball Gun Clear Magazine (18 Rounds)

T68 Paintball Gun Clear Magazine (18 Rounds)

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[This clear magazine is compatible with Gen4, Gen5, and Gen6 models!]

T68 .68 caliber clear magazine, holds 18 rounds
This is the latest magazine version with clear plastic construction.

The T68 18 Round Clear Magazine is a spare, detachable magazine for T68 models with a magazine well. The lightweight plastic body adds minimal weight, while metal components provide durable service.

A tempered spring inside each magazine lightly pushes your standard .68 caliber paintballs into your marker, like a real magazine. This provides positive feeding with the marker in any position--sideways, upside down, pointing straight up or straight down out of a tower…pull the trigger, and the spring-powered magazine will make sure there’s a ball in the chamber.

Features include:
- Durable Polymer Body
- Metal Feed Neck
- Sturdy Spring
- Ball Detents so you can carry loaded magazines
- Clear Walls to see remaining paint, and type of paint available

These interchangeable magazines have ball bearing detents in their metal feed necks, which keep the paintballs inside the magazine until the mag is inserted into the magwell--carry fully loaded spares without losing any paint.

At a glance, these clear magazines provide you positive identification of how many rounds are left--just like the new generation of polymer magazines for battle rifles. You may also identify exactly which paint is in the magazine, so you can tell at a glance the difference between special mission paint and general event paint. The clear polymer walls also provide an interesting look into the inner workings of these magazines, which is a great educational aid during familiarization training and player briefings.

Each T68 18 Round Clear Magazine is identical in function to the standard black models.


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