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This is a Semi/Full Auto version with the premium version IV select core incorporates the semi-auto and full-auto firing modes. LE is different from the standard version in three areas.

1. LE has custom power parts that increase the marker distant, accuracy and velocity. The custom parts increase the paintball velocity to 280 fps and a tighter grouping of 6 inches at 50 feet. This increase in performance also able give the paintball flight distant of 125 feet.

2. New paintball retaining grommet is installed to seal any gap between the shell and the chamber to prevent loss of power, and at the same time, prevents paintballs from rolling out of the barrel.

3. New tighter tolerance barrel designed to work with RAP4 .43 Paintball is also installed.

The LE series are previously only available to Law Enforcement agencies due to its high power capabilities. Now, the LE is available for the public.

Weight: 6.14 lbs
Length: 32”
Width: 3”
Height: 11.5”

Package includes:

1x marker
1x Magazine
1x 12g Disposable CO2 Adapter
1x Cleaning Kit
1x Tool Kit
1x Marker Oil
1x Manual and warranty
1x 250c RAP4 Paintball

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