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Throat Mic Combo Package (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

Throat Mic Combo Package (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

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  • $95.00 $60.00 Save: $35.00
Package Includes:
  • 1 x [001970] RAP4 Tactical Radio Throat Mic (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)
  • 1 x [001971] Remote PTT (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)
  • 1 x [001972] Socom Ear Piece (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)
  • 1 x [001973] U.S. SWAT Ear Piece (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)
  • 1 x [001975] U.S. Special Force Ear Piece (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)
  • 1 x [001976] Secret Service Ear Piece (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)



More information and specification about Throat Mic

Throat Mic Combo Package includes:
  • Throat Mic
  • Socom Ear Piece
  • SWAT Ear Piece
  • Special Force Ear Piece
  • Secret Service Ear Piece
  • Remote PTT

Throat Mic Combo Package comes with all the different Listening Devices. All you have to do is select the right Listening Device for your mission.  Throat Mic is adjustable for neck size from 14 to 28 inches.

Compatible with:

  • Visar Series
  • FR50
  • FR60
  • SLK270, SLK280, SLK289
  • Spirit GT/GT+
  • Cobra single 2.5mm jack radio
  • TalkAbout (T5000 Series, T5100 Series, T5200 Series, T5300 Series, T5400 Series, T5500 Series, T5600 Series, T5700 Series, T5800 Series, T5900 Series, T6000 Series, T6100 Series, T6200 Series, T6300 Series, T6400 Series, T6500 Series, T6600 Series, T6700 Series, T6800 Series, T6900 Series, T7000 Series, T7100 Series, T7200 Series, T7300 Series, T7400 Series, SX700R)





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