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What is RAP4 CLP (Customer Loyalty Program) Discount? *

We are proud to introduce RAP4 CLP Discount.  RAP4 CLP Discount is Customer Loyalty Program Discount. RAP4 CLP gives our customers great discounts on subsequent purchases. The program is designed with our returning customers in mind and awards each and every customer for their patronage. RAP4 is proud to have served you and would like to thank you for your support.

Why do we have this program?
This is our way of saying, "Thank you for being our customer."

Sounds good, what kind of discount do I get?
The total discount depends on the total cumulative amount of purchases a customer has made within a period of one year.  Following are samples how much you would be saving based on the amount you spend in any period of one year:
Total Purchased RAP4 CLP Discount Total Saving
$500 5% $25
$1000 6% $60
$2000 7% $140
$3000 8% $240
$4000 9% $360
$5000 10% $500

How can I find out what my current RAP4 CLP is?
You can view your current RAP4 CLP at the checkout page when you make a purchase.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about RAP4 CLP?
Please email rap4admin@rap4.com or call (408) 434-0434 if you have questions or comments.

What other great programs is  RAP4 offering?
RAP4 affiliate program is the best known commission pay out program in the industry. Please click here for more information.

* Note: This program ONLY applies to Retail Customer that has a Registered Account on RAP4.com's Online CatalogCLP Discount DOES NOT apply to RAP4's Affiliates, Dealers, Dropshippers, Resellers, Wholesalers, Military, Law Enforcement Agencies or any other customer group.  CLP Discount CANNOT be used in conjunction nor combined with any other type of discount / discount code including but not limiting to Sponsored Teams Discount, Military, Law Enforcement Discount, Special Promotion Discount, Weekly Special Discount, etc., offered by Real Action Paintball Inc, RAP4's Affiliates, Partners, Dealers, Resellers, etc.