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Real Action Paintball Products Reviews

National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

"This marker is as realistic as it gets...The M4 RAM was designed for tactical law enforcement"

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Paintball Magazine - Dec 02

"Used in Real Action Games and for security, military, and law enforcement training"



Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine -
Nov 02

"M4 RAM for force on force training...Such accurate copies that I defy anyone to tell the difference"
"The latest and most realistic"

S.W.A.T Magazine - Oct 03

"These replicas are ideal for force-on-force training"


Action Pursuit Games Magazine - Nov 03

"For Security, military and law enforcement training"

  S.W.A.T Magazine - Sep 09
Sound Flash Trip Wire Grenade

“It allows teams to train more often, in more places and with much greater safety than would be the case with pyrotechnic devices”

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