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Real Action Paintball Rules and Safety Tips

General Comments

Please understand that real action paintball guns (RAP4) are not toys. These guns look very real. Most people cannot tell the difference between a RAP4 gun and a real one. Therefore, the police will take any action you take with this gun as if you were handling a loaded weapon. It is wise to use RAP4 equipment in a controlled and specified environment. We recommend that all RAP4 players use a high degree of discretion when transporting RAP4 equipment, such as cases or bags suited for the item. This will keep on-lookers from public paranoia of the sport.

Eye and Face Protection

As a safety procedure, mask, goggles or some other ballistic safe eye protection should be worn at all times when using your RAP4 equipment. Your eyes are the most vulnerable part of your body while using RAP4 guns.  Paint from paintball can cause loss of visibility and possible blindness. Long and thick clothing is also advisable when shooting against other RAP4 players.

Law Requirements

Do not remove the orange markings on your weapon. Federal Law requires that the weapons be marked in the manner in which you will receive them from us. Removing this marking is not only illegal, but will void any warranty and our return policies.

List of Quick Safety Tips

  • Wear safety goggles and face mask at all times when playing with the RAP4 gun.
  • Always turn on safety switch on the RAP4 gun until ready to fire.
  • Remove magazine/ammo and disconnect CO2 cylinder when not in used. Store the RAP4 gun in a protective bag/case with safety "on".
  • Never look directly into the muzzle of the RAP4 gun.
  • Leave all fingers away from the trigger until ready to fire.
  • Any person under the age of 18 should use the equipment under adult supervision.
  • CO2 cylinder should never be stored in extremely hot or cold conditions.
  • Keep all equipment away from small children.
  • Proper maintenance should be preformed periodically to insure proper functioning and safety of RAP4 equipment.
  • Any modification or disassembly by an untrained armorer could result in an unsafe RAP4 gun, and void warranty.