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 RAP4 Transport Bag
Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the RAP4 Marker Transport Bag, the perfect way to transport and protect your gear! Made of incredibly tough nylon with ample padding, these clever bags offer the ultimate transport and storage solution for your gear! Read complete story.

Real Action Paintball is proud to bring you along to "Decay of Nations 2011" in a hot new video shot by a Land Warrior II Wireless Video Camera from the perspective of the barking muzzle of an MK5 Converted A5...that's fed by the RAP4 Box Magazine! Read complete story.

Operation: End War - Complete Video Released

team engaging enemy

Real Action Paintball and Viper Paintball are raising the bar on tactical game-play once again with Operation: End War 2! Following the tremendous success of Operation: End War last year, the scenario game is returning to TAG Paintball in Hollister, California, on October 1st-2nd, 2011. Read complete story.

End War 2: Discover magazine-fed tactical paintball!
operation end war paintball gameOperation: End War 2 is the hottest scenario game coming your way this fall and the perfect opportunity to discover magazine-fed tactical paintball! In the name of hyper-realistic tactical simulation, Real Action Paintball and Viper Paintball have teamed up to bring you the second installment in the vaunted Operation: End War saga. Read complete story.

Operation End War 2011
Back by popular demand, Real Action Paintball is proud to once again sponsor Operation: End War! This trend-setting event will be produced by Viper, whose proprietary scoring and objective-assignment system creates the most realistic scenarios in paintball. To make the action truly as real as it gets, participants are required to field magazine-fed paintball markers...which they can rent for free, or purchase at incredible discount. Read complete story.

Tacamo Magazine Kit Shipping Dates Action Paintball and Tacamo are proud to announce shipment of our hot new Mag Fed Conversion Kit for Tippmann and BT Paintball markers! We have crews working around the clock to satisfy the outstanding demand for these new game change kits. Each week this month we'll have a new, exciting Mag Fed Conversion Kit to ship to players around the world. Read complete story.

NEW M4 Carbine Furniture
NEW M4 Carbine Furniture Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce two dramatic concepts, and a whole lot of color, to accessorizing your T68 marker. To complete the M4 look, and vastly improve its functionality, you need a multi-position collapsible stock...and you need it in colors that complement your environment and other gear. Better yet - how about hiding a 5oz CO2 or 13ci HPA tank inside of that stock, doing away with remote lines and external tanks entirely? RAP4 makes it happen...and puts those stocks together with matching handguards, so you can coordinate your entire marker.  Read complete story.

RAP4's Muzzle Brakes Improve Your Performance, and Stand Out from the Crowd!
Stiletto Muzzle Brake Real Action Paintball is proud to be your number one source for muzzle brakes that improve performance and complete your marker's look. From submachine gun style brakes to "dissuader" -style brakes, from old school bird cage brakes to the newest AKM-style brakes, RAP4 is proud to offer you the most thorough line of dynamic, dramatic muzzle brakes in paintball.  Read complete story.

RAP4 XPOWER In Action At Marine Corps Base Hawaii
RAP4 XPower
RAP4 staff just returned from Hawaii, where they worked with undisclosed military units to train in close quarters battle (CQB) ahead of their deployment to the Middle East. To make the soldiers' training as real as possible, their commanding officers arranged force-on-force drills in real urban and indoor facilities, and selected the RAP4 X-Power marker for its exact replication of the M4 duty rifle. Read complete story..

RAP4 is proud to introduce three tactical slings that are ready to serve in the thick of the action. The RAP4 Tactical Sling is a three-point sling that functions like a harness to strap your full-size marker to your body, leaving your hands free while keeping it at the ready. The RAP4 2-Point Sling attaches to the front and rear of your T68 via the sling attachment points. Read complete story

RAP4 SoCal Counterstrike: Tactics and Teamwork
Real Action Paintball wants to know how good you are; we mean how good you really are, under fire and in the lead. To find the best and honor them with commanding roles in a dynamic scenario, RAP4 joined up with Bandits Splat Paintball and Jungle Island Paintball to stage a scenario game unlike any other. Read complete story.

Oklahoma D-Day 2011
Real Action Paintball is proud to bring the hottest gear to a cool building at the "World's Largest Paintball Game" - Oklahoma D-Day this June 6th-11th! Visit our indoor showroom at RAP4 Field Headquarters in the vendor's village, where you can handle cutting-edge paintball gear like the T68 M249SAW, the T68 Frostbite Sniper, the T68 M60 Field Machinegun...and even the new T68 Gen7! Read complete story

NEW Series Of RAP4 MOLLE Pouches
MOLLE 2X Pod Pouch for Tactical Vest (German Flecktarn) Real Action Paintball is proud to be your finest source for MOLLE vest pouches, magazine holders, and accessories. With our ballistic nylon construction, mil-spec designs, and 21 available patterns - including all US military patterns and many foreign patterns - we have exactly the pouch you want in exactly the design you need.  Read complete story.

Tornado Paintball Guns
RAP4 Tornado with Mechanical Trigger (Matt Black)RAP4 Tornado paintball gun has a universal design for recreational paintball, woodsball, scenario paintball, air ball, XBall and tournament paintball. The Tornado can be modified to an ideal version for each of these paintball less than a minute per conversion! The attachments are plug-and-play, it is extremely easy to use, and simple to upgrade and operate. Read complete story.

RAP4 In Greg Hastings Paintball 2 For Wii And Xbox Game Console
Greg Hastings Paintball 2 Wii Game Real Action Paintball is proud to team up with Greg Hastings to make the most realistic paintball video game even more intense! When playing Greg Hastings Paintball 2, be sure to select the T68 marker, and play with the latest and best in woodsball gear...right there on the RAP4 Desert Warfare field!  Read complete story.

RAP4 At Water Wars With West Coast Scenario Productions
Tacamo Magazine Fed Conversion Kit for BT Paintball Gun RAP4 is proud to be part of the upcoming scenario game "Water Wars," produced by West Coast Scenario Productions and Bandits Splat Paintball. The event, to be hosted on January 29-30 at Mr. Paintball in Escondido, California, will bring together scenario players from throughout California and western Arizona. Players and spectators will have the opportunity to try RAP4's hot new magazine conversion kits for BT and Tippmann markers! Readcomplete story.

NEW RAP4 Camouflage Tape
Paintball markers are easy to spot in the woods, where the environment is made up of patches and dashes of many different colors - few things are as solidly black over so much area as paintball markers. Even the neutral colors stick  out...unless you swathe them in camouflage that helps them blend into the surrounding environment. That's why you wear camouflage clothing. Read complete story..

Mag Fed Conversion Kit For Tippmann/BT/SW-1/US Army Markers
Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit for Tippmann 98Tacamo is proud to present you a preview of the future of tactical woodsball: the Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit, each specific to the woodsball marker you already own. The Magazine Conversion Kit allows you to ditch that hopper, open up your field of view, balance your marker more naturally, look sharper, and attain positive ball feeding from any angle, by the use of our interchangeable, spring-powered magazines. Read complete story.

The Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kits will soon be available for:
- Tippmann® 98® - Tippmann® A5®
- Tippmann® X7® - Tippmann® Phenom®
- BT Paintball 4® - Valken SW-1®
- US Army Carver One® - US Army Project Salvo®
- US Army Alpha Black®

TACAMO RPK Paintball Guns
Every few years, something happens that reinvents how we play paintball...and with that paradigm shift, we welcome players from other sports and backgrounds and social groups. Speedball put us in touch with skater kids and adrenaline junkies who never went for crawling through the woods. Big games appealed to those who like to camp and play paintball with thousands of their closest friends. Read complete story.

NEW camouflage BDU pants and jackets come in more ten of the most popular camouflage patterns for greater tactical advantage and concealment including German Flecktarn, ACU, DPM, Realtree, OD, WC, CADPAT, and many more, different patterns. The pants have 6 pockets each, and each pair has reinforced knees and adjustable waist Tabs. The jacket has 4 chest pockets with reinforced elbows and adjustable cuffs. These new BDUs are made with military styles and designs...and are available in a few popular hunting patterns as well.
 German Flecktarn BDU Jacket
 German Flecktarn
 Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) BDU Jacket
 Disruptive Pattern (DPM)
Tiger Stripe Camo BDU Jacket
 Tiger Stripe
ACU Jacket
  Urban Street Camo BDU Jacket
 Urban Street Camo

View all Available BDU patterns

NEW Strikeforce Paintball Vests Available In 16 Different Patterns
The Strikeforce Paintball Vests are designed to keep you competitive in the fastest and most furious paintball games! Its design was based on real tactical vests, and then improved specifically for paintball. The Strikeforce Paintball Vest reflects the latest design trends with modular pouches that are fully interchangeable and fully configurable to meet any user's needs. More about the this paintball vest
                            Choose your terrain!
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (Black)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (Woodland Camo)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (Digital Camo)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (ACU)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (CADPAT)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (Realtree)
Strikeforce Paintball Vest (Urban City Street Camo)

Demo Video of the paintball vests

View all available paintball vests patterns

Hawkeye Paintball Goggles
Hawkeye Paintball GoggleRAP4 Hawkeye paintball goggle is designed for tactical paintball, military combat training and law enforcement force-on-force training. The Hawkeye goggle is designed with a head and chin strap for your safety. More about the Hawkeye Goggle

RAP4 GOLF Paintball (Powder Version)RAP4's new Guided Optimum Longer Flight (G.O.L.F.) Powder Ball is made of wax, with dimples covering the surface to affect the way air moves around the ball. This powder fill cannot "settle out" over time, and does not resist acceleration the way liquid and paint fills do - it is the ideal fill for promoting accuracy. The aerodynamically dimpled surface decreases drag, thus increasing range.  Read complete story.

RAP4 Helmet Camcorder
RAP4 Helmet CamcorderPerfect for capturing point-of-view action in paintball, this tough little camera mounts to any helmet you own to capture rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, even jumping out of airplanes or launching your dirt bike off a ramp. Show your friends what a stream of paint looks like as it arcs across the field and splatters all over your opponents. Upload a sick video of your motocross back flip, and watch it go viral. Read complete story.

RAP4 Hawkeye Video Recorder
The Hawkeye Sunglasses allow you to capture all the fun around your campsite, in the staging area, or at the pro shop. Mix game footage from your T68 Land Warrior video system with behind-the-scenes action captured by the Hawkeye Sunglasses to make the ultimate scenario videos. Read complete story.

Go Green with RAP4's Soy-Based Paint!
RAP4 Eco Friendly Field Paintball (FREE shipping) (100 Boxes of 2000)Real Action Paintball is proud to lead the industry towards "going green," by introducing the all-new RAP4 Field Paint with natural, biodegradable soybean oil. Our sport generates a lot of trash, leaves behind gallons of marking fill on fields and backyards, and involves significant fuel consumption for transportation of goods to market and players to fields...but there is plenty that you can do to cut down our environmental impact without sacrificing any time playing! Insist on shooting paint that is easily biodegradable, so that those splotches truly do wash away after only one rain, and so the chemicals in the fill and shell can be absorbed into, and used by, your field's ecosystem. Read complete story.

NEW RAP4 Portable DVR
RAP4 Portable DVRRAP4 is proud to introduce the RAP4 Portable DVR. This revolutionary video camera captures 30 frames per second video day or night, and uses onboard infrared illuminators to see in the dark! These compact, powerful video cameras are perfect for police officers and trainers, as well as employers and those who want a little extra security for their car and home.  Read complete story.

RAP4 and TAG Paintball will use Exclusive "Viper RTS" Gaming System
paintball game in san joseThe revolutionary scenario game "Operation: End War," coming this October 2-3, will make full use of the proprietary Viper RTS scenario game system and RAP4's cutting-edge marker technology. The event will be the first of its kind, as all markers will be magazine-fed in strict keeping with the mil-sim theme. Sponsored by scenario equipment leader RAP4, admission for "Operation: End War" includes a full rental package of RAP4 T68 magazine-fed marker, extra magazines, and a belt to hold them. Read complete story.

RAP4's SOCOM M4 Body Shroud - Lean, Mean, and All Business!
Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the SOCOM M4 Body Shroud for your Tippmann A5 marker! When you want to build a cutting edge M4 variant, start with your A5 and add the SOCOM M4 Body Shroud. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) stripped the M4 down to its bare essentials, and then rebuilt it with exactly the features. Read complete story.