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Walther P99 Paintball Pistol   
The RAP4 P99 is a 1 to 1 scale replica of the world famous compact handgun, the Walther P99. The RAP4 P99 features a sleek body with all the original markings and insignias of the real P99, and uses 12g disposable CO2 cylinders that fit completely inside the handgrip - each one can power up to 50 shots!
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RAP4 P99 Paintball Pistol (black)

Top 10 Paintball Gifts this Holiday Season
Just not quite sure what to give to the paintballer, military or law enforcement person for The Holidays? We have compiled a Top Ten Gift List to help you narrow down the tough decision!
Top 10 Paintball Gifts this Holiday Season

T68 Gen5 paintball gun Trade In Program
If you didn't receive the gift you wanted, or got the wrong gift altogether, here is your chance to get just what you need for the 2007 season. We take any paintball markers, airsoft guns, or BB guns in trade towards your purchase of a new T68 Gen5. What you trade does not even need to be working for you to earn up to $150 credit! More about the paintball gun trade in program. T68 Gen5 Thunderstrike Package

Tactical Ten Paintball League (TTPL)         
Tactical Ten Paintball League Registration The TTPL is about taking scenario-style competition to the next level, and allowing each team to use their true tactical skills. This game is not about spraying and praying, because each player's hopper (or magazine) is limited to only 50 rounds. Additionally, each marker used in the competition must be semi automatic only.
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NEW 40mm Grenade Launcher
This is the first 40mm Grenade Launcher-style unit designed for AK47-style paintball markers! The 40mm Grenade Launcher is made of aircraft aluminum with a functional trigger and safety switch. They are solidly built and made to last, and RAP4 fans take heart: it's compatible with all Thunder Grenade cartridges!
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40MM Grenade Launcher

NEW Land Warrior System Wireless Video Camera
RAP4 Land Warrior System The RAP4 Land Warrior System allows you to capture audio and video, or photos, hands-free while in the action. The system has a built-in 32MB internal memory chip that holds over an hour of video, and it can be expanded for longer videos with a different SD memory card .
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U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic System
The U.S. Special Forces Throat Mic brings unsurpassed clarity, ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement, military, paintball and active sports. Designed for comfort, this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction, making it mission essential.
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Socom Throat Mic

T68 Gen5 .68 Caliber Magazine Paintball Gun
T68 Gen5, the only paintball marker in the world that uses both a detachable magazine and a hopper. The T68 Gen5 can use either the magazine alone, or hopper alone, or both at the same time to give you force-feed and bulk-loader options without lugging extra gear. The T68 Gen5 does not require any modification to switch from hopper to magazine, either - all you need to do is plug-and-play. More about magazine paintball gun T68 Gen5 .68 Caliber Magazine Paintball 


NEW Storm Series Paintball Gun
The Storm has a universal design for recreational paintball, woodsball, scenario paintball, air ball, XBall and tournament paintball. The Storm can be modified to an ideal version for each of these paintball less than a minute per conversion! The attachments are plug - and - play, it is extremely easy to use, and simple to upgrade and operate. More aboutthe storm
Storm SMG Paintball Gun


Storm M4
RAP4 Sniper Storm

RAP4 Perfect Storm Package