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RAP4 Self Defense T68 System    
Self Defense T68 PackageThe RAP4 Self Defense T68 gun is a small, handheld unit that shoots up to 10 PAVA filled projectiles at attackers up to 60 feet away. It's non-lethal, easy to use, and highly effective at disabling attackers before they get close enough to do you harm. It protects from greater distances than Mace or aerosol pepper sprays, and it doesn't have the potential to kill, the way firearms do. More info.

NEW T68 Tactical Paintball Marker
T68 Tactical The T68 Tactical paintball gun has a revolutionary new setup that will establish a trend in the paintball industry. Ingenious, solid, quick, and loaded with all the hottest features, every inch of the T68 Tactical can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Scores of accessories and attachments, available now, make it happen..... More about the T68 Paintball Gun

Tactical Ten Paintball Vest
Tactical Ten Paintball Vest is specifically designed for players in the intense new tactical paintball league: the Tactical Ten Paintball League( The vest is designed to be highly versatile, and thus adaptable for various different tactical roles such as: sniper, heavy gunner, light rifleman, and commander. More about the paintball vest.Tactical Ten Complete Package

RAP4 Reusable Hand Grenade
The RAP4 Hand Grenade is a safe replica of the military "pineapple" style grenades. It weighs .5lbs, and is the same width, height, and dimensions of the real thing! The New RAP4 Hand Grenade is designed to enhance scenario games and take them to the next level of realism.  More about the hand grenadeRAP4 Hand Grenade

NEW T68 Gen4 .68 Caliber Magazine Paintball Gun
T68 Gen4 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun The long awaited T68 Generation 4 (Gen4) version reflects the latest in paintball technology and incorporates a fully functional magazine-fed system. Their array of accessory interchangeability allows for a world of configurations: RIS CQB, Special Ops, onboard hidden air source, remote lines, red dot sights, scopes, flashlights, grenade launchers, magazines or hoppers... More info.

Tactical Paintball Vest patterns 
NEW Paintball Vest (German Flecktarn)NEW Paintball Vest (Realtree)
NEW Paintball Vest (British Disruptive Pattern Material DPM)
Vertical 4x Paintball Pod Pouch
Tactical Paintball Vest patterns for 2008: British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM), Real Tree, and German Flecktarn. We offer the latest in paintball vest designs, including these new patterns that match your camo and match your environment. Get the right vest, and you'll be able to carry everything you need; get the right pattern, and you'll be invisible despite your extra gear. The new Tactical Paintball Vest synchronizes your mind and body and gets you into action with security and comfort like never before. Intensify your game and training with the RAP4 Tactical Paintball Vest. More about the paintball vest

RAP4 Less Lethal System
RAP4 Less Lethal LauncherRAP4 Less Lethal System is a combination of the RAP4 Less Lethal Launcher and RAP4 Less Lethal Projectile. The system is designed to contain or subdue individuals and groups when less lethal force is appropriate. 

The RAP4 Less Lethal System is a high pressure system with enough kinetic force to get the suspect's attention, unleashing a cloud of Capsaicin (pepper) powder into the face (eyes, nose and throat) of the aggressor. The RAP4 Less Lethal System offers effective tools for achieving suspect compliance. Because the projectiles break upon impact, they do not penetrate skin or pose ricochet hazards, making the RAP4 Less Lethal System safe even at contact range...more

RAP4 Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun  
rap4 frostbite sniper paintball gunThe RAP4 Frostbite Sniper features a 20" sniper barrel, scope, bipod, and an Integrated Rail System. The RAP4 Frostbite Sniper also features the latest achievement in paintball design and technology: the Frostbite Silencer. The Frostbite Silencer simulates "real" smoke as each round exists the muzzle, without affecting range or accuracy. More about the Frostbite

Tippmann Enforcer Series Paintball Gun  
Tippmann A5 Extreme EnforcerThe Enforcer Series markers are designed for the quickest of fast-action paintball games. With endless configuration options to suit your playing style, you can customize exactly the rig you need for CQB entry work, room clearing, and finding foes in the dark. It has a built-in expansion chamber to help your CO2 to expand better, for improved consistency and reliability in all weather. More info.

Tippmann X7 Series Paintball Gun and Accessories  
Tippmann X7 CQB Kit with MarkerTippmann X7 Carbine Kit with MarkerTippmann X7 Sniper Kit with MarkerTippmann X7 Tactical Barrel KitTippmann X7 Carry HandleTippmann X7 Carbine Buttstock (Metal)

Our Tippmann X7s come in three different Real Action Paintball configurations designed especially for your style of play: the CQB model, Carbine and Sniper. f you already have the Tippmann X7 paintball marker, these kits are available for you to build your marker from the ground up to fit the paintball style you want. No matter what position you'll be playing this weekend, we have the right configuration. More about the Tippmann X7.

RAP4 Law Enforcement Training Blue Series: Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun
P99 Paintball Pistol (blue) RAP226 (Internal Air)RAP4 BlueRAP5 Blue LERAP47 AK47 BlueRAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun Blue

The RAP4 Blue Series is so realistic, we use colored handguards and magazines so you know in an instant which is your marker and which is actually your duty gun! This adds a level of safety to training exercises without compromising real-handling characteristics - when you see the blue slides and handguards in the kill house, you'll know instantly that the participants are using safe training devices. The Blue Series is the safe choice when you demand the best, with sensible precautions. More about the RAP4 Blue Series.

NEW .68 Caliber Tactical Rifled Barrel    and
The new Tactical Rifled Barrel is designed for scenario paintball markers such as those from Tippmann, BT Paintball, and our Real Action Paintball T68! These barrels are designed to accept a handguard, front sight, rail system and even grenade launchers! These new Tactical Rifled Barrels are designed on the outside for looks and engineered on the inside to greatly improve accuracy and reliability. Available in 12", 14", 16" and 18".  More about the paintball barrel.

NEW T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol and
NEW T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol. Our new paintball pistol is designed with versatility and enables you to play all types of paintball games: woodsball, speedball, commanding roles and front-lines duties. The T68 Pistol is known for its reliability, durability and accuracy.
Click here for more about the paintball pistol.
T68 Gen3 Paintball Pistol

Military Style Paintball M203 Grenade Launcher
M203 Grenade Launcher for all .68 caliber paintball markers. The M203 Grenade Launcher is designed to replicate the look and feel of the real M203 Grenade Launcher used by the US military and special forces around the world. The M203 Grenade Launcher operates like the real thing, with a slide-forward loading chamber and dedicated trigger system.  More about the M203 T68 Military Style M203