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RAP4 - Products In Combat Training
Military personnel use RAP4 products in actual combat training, where they engage character actors and static targets, dynamic OpFor, and learn to detect IEDs. RAP4 paintball guns enable them to conduct safe training in tactics and protocol on facilities that are not designed for normal small arms fire...more info

SWAT RAP4 HSI Seminar 2009 in NJ
The SWAT, SRT, and other participants were excited to test and evaluate RAP4's latest T68 training products. Outstanding for force-on-force tactical training as well as less lethal use in the field, RAP4's T68 M4-styled compressed air powered carbines were extensively test fired and praised.  Read complete story.

RAP4 At Athens Maritime Security Conference 2009
Real Action Paintball participated in education and demonstration events concerning piracy, terrorism, and other crimes targeting the industry. RAP4 and NGK Shipping Ltd showcased and demonstrated the latest less lethal products that keep crews and cargo safe in dangerous waters. Read complete story.

RAP4 Paintball Goggles Lens Cleaner and Anti Fog Spray
RAP4 Paintball Goggles Lens Cleaner and Anti Fog SprayHaving clean and clear vision is one of the most import aspects of your strategy, helps you perform at your optimum level, and helps you avoid obstacles and hazards. RAP4 Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaning Spray is safe for use on your other plastic gear as well, where an effective spray is necessary to help clean off old hits. More information

T68 AK47 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Gun

T68 SplitFire AK47 Dual FeedT68 SplitFire AK47 Dual Feed Paintball Marker features a dual-source ammunition feeding system, capable of providing two different types of .68 caliber ammunition at the turn of a dial. The T68 SplitFire AK47 can carry two types of ammunition simultaneously, and allows the operator to select the most effective projectiles for the situation - then change back as needed, at the turn of a dial. When the situation changes, so can your ammunition. Immediately. More about the new Split Fire Dual Feed Paintball Guns

Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun with Internal Flexi-Air  

Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun with Internal Flexi-Air Package  The RAP4 Flexi-Air system adds a realistic look and feel to your Tippmann X7, and will increase the performance as well! This is the best performance enhancing upgrade for your Tippmann X7. This internal Flexi-Air system is completely hidden inside - No external air line or hose. You can even attach a 5oz or a 3000psi compress air cylinder inside the butt stock. More about the X7

T68 Gen6 AK47 Magazine Fed Paintball Gun  

T68 AK47 Gen6 (Hopper Fed)The new T68 Gen6 AK47 features all-metal construction with our internal Flexi Air System. The T68 AK47 is designed for scenario paintball and military training. As the "opposing force" marker, the T68 AK47 enhances military combat training, scenario realism...and is great when you want to play a bad guy for the weekend. More Information about the new T68 AK paintball gun

T68 M4 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Gun

T68 Split Fire Dual Feed Paintball GunThe T68 SplitFire is designed to facilitate, and withstand, combat training. It is designed to take punishment and provide ease of maintenance. With the T68 SplitFire the operator can quickly select the appropriate projectile by simply turning the selector wheel. This rotates the chamber to align a feeding hole with either the magazine, to access one type of ammunition, or the hopper, to access the other.  More about the new the T68 M4

NEW RAP4 Combat Training Paintball Pistols
RAP4 Combat PistolThe new RAP4 Combat Pistol is made in the likeness of one of the most popular duty sidearms. This Real Action Marker is authentic in weight, feel, and action, right down to the realistic kick of its blowback slide. The Combat Training Paintball Pistols can quickly and accurately shoot .43 caliber paintballs or rubber training rounds at a range of 50-70 ft. More about the Combat Pistol

The Sound Flash Trip Wire Grenade
Soundflash Trip Wire Hand GrenadeThe Sound Flash Trip Wire Grenade is designed exclusively for military and law enforcement training, to enhance the realism of the training scenarios. The grenades are powered by a single 12g disposable CO2 cylinder. The grenade can be filled with liquid paint or smoke simulation powder for added effect. More about the Sound Flash Trip Wire Grenade.

Training Water Balls  

Water Balls (.68) (Bottle of 100)Water Balls leave a small wet splat, requiring no cleaning and leaving no stain. Water Balls are made for law enforcement and military force-on-force training conducted at MOUT facilities or in borrowed buildings. Where paintballs leave a sticky mess on walls and slippery conditions on floors, Water Balls allow you to train anywhere you're invited. More about the water training balls.

NEW T68 M4 Generation 6 Paintball Gun
T68 M4 Gen6 - Magazine Fed Paintball GunThe T68 Gen6 reflects the latest in tactical paintball technology, incorporating a fully functional magazine-feed system. Featuring newly redesigned ball feed and air system components this is the most highly celebrated version of the T68 Series ever! More on the T68 M4 Generation 6
Demo Video:See T68 M4 In Action

T68 M4 Air In Stock System For Military Training  

T68 Extreme Enforcer Paintball GunThis system makes it easy for departments to train, and completely eliminates the need for an external compressed air bottle - maintaining the balance, cosmetics, and ergonomics of the training marker. It has a built-in refill valve that can be attached to refill the cylinder without having to remove it from the marker. More about the T68 Internal Air System

NEW RAP4 XPOWER Military Paintball Gun
RAP4 XPowerRAP4 XPower, the latest and the best training marker. The RAP4 XPower is identical to the legendary M4 rifle used by SWAT Teams, Special Operation Groups, and the U.S. Military. The M4 carbine, the U.S. Military's weapon of choice, is known for its solid construction, durability, and sustained reliability, and things are no different with the RAP4 XPower. More about the RAP4 XPower

Punisher Series Paintball Marker and Upgrade Kits
T68 Punisher Paintball Gun Kit with MarkerPunisher Series markers are integrated with the latest and hottest accessories available. Each unit is built with the RAP4 Squad Grenade Launcher and tactical RIS rail system, which enables custom configurations for any playing condition. These units also come with a blade holographic sight to get on target instantly. More about the Punisher.

NEW Smart Parts Paintball Marker Barrels and Accessories
Smart Parts SP1 Super CQB Barrel KitNEW RAP4 Smart Parts paintball marker barrels and accessories for scenario and woods ball. The new accessories enable Smart Parts paintball markers to attach all types of tactical accessories, such as scopes, sights, rails, and even grenade launchers!. More about the Smart Parts

NEW Panzerfaust Paintball Grenade Launcher
Panzerfaust Grenade LaunchersPanzerfaust Grenade Launchers for scenario paintball and Airsoft! The name Panzerfaust means "tank fist," and comes from World War II, where the "Panzerfaust" was the premier German anti-tank weapon on the battlefields of Europe. The RAP4 Panzerfaust, just like the real one, is decorated with a red label on the "grenade," and is built to realistic scale. More about the Panzerfaust

NEW RAP4 XPower Training System For Law Enforcement and Military
RAP4 XTSRAP4 XTS gives operators a true-to-life feel, as if they are training with their duty gear. It provides negative reinforcement and shows what the trainee did wrong to help him/her learn to take proper cover. This training system is safe, effective, and costs less than 5 cents per shot. No other training system provides more trigger time that is as realistic or as effective.. More about the RAP4 XTS

NEW RAP4 Bazooka Paintball Grenade Launchers
Bazooka Grenade LaunchersThe new grenade launcher add whole new elements and dimensions to scenario gaming and Airsoft, enabling even more realistic challenges--now you can take out a tank or bunker with dedicated, accurate, realistic equipment! For military combat training, the Bazooka grenade launchers provide greater realism and make the battlefield seem--and play--as real as possible... More on the Bazooka

NEW Thread-on APEX barrel
APEX Barrel for Raptor Tactical Rifled BarrelThread-on APEX barrel, you can attach to tip of all RAPTOR and the 7/8 RECON rifled barrel. Now you have the power, the distant, the accuracy and the performance of a rifled barrel with the ability of the Tippmann Flatline Barrel. With the APEX and RAPTOR / RECON rifled barrel combination you are guaranteed to get more distant, accuracy and more elimination than ever before...more

RAP4 Non-Lethal Clear Training Paintball 
.68 Cal Clear Training Paintball Balls (Bag of 500)These are the latest non-lethal, non-staining, low-mess training munitions available today. These .68 caliber, clear training balls are extremely cost effective compared with current training rounds, and leave no mess to clean up when training in rented buildings, on military installations, and with issue clothing that cannot be soiled. . More about the non-lethal training projectiles.

NEW Tippmann Cyclone Feed Upgrade
Tippmann Cyclone Feed Soft Paddles (98, A5, and X7)The NEW Tippmann cyclone feed upgrade parts allow the cyclone feed to load faster and put out balls like never before. The combination of these parts will turn your maker into the ultimate war machine. The Tippmann Cyclone Feed Metal Upgrade Kit is Teflon coated aluminum internals that replaces the stock plastic internals of the Tippmann  Cyclone feed. More about the Tippmann gun

NEW T68 Firestorm Paintball Pistol
T68 Firestorm Paintball PistolT68 Firestorm Paintball Pistol. This paintball pistol is the smallest and the lightest select-fire paintball pistol available. Choose between firing modes of semi, burst, and full-auto. The T68 Firestorm Paintball Pistol can shoot up to 13 balls per second, making it one of the fastest paintball pistols available on the market today...and it can shoot that fast on full-auto, so all you have to do is aim!..... More about the T68 Paintball Pistol