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Infiltrate, Destroy, and Win - With RAP4's T68 Infiltrator!
T68 Infiltrator Kit with Marker PackageReal Action Paintball is proud to introduce the T68 Infiltrator, the very essence of sophistication for the modern woodsballer. RAP4 built this special marker from the ground up with the most refined technology and latest accessories to give you a select-fire marker with the accuracy you demand, the ergonomics you want, the flexibility of the SplitFire feeding system, and a look that is all business. Read complete story.

TPX Paintball Pistols  

Tippmann TPX Paintball PistolTPX Paintball Pistols .68 Caliber are now available.  The new Paintball Pistol is compact and specially engineered to be lightweight, easy to maintain, customizable. Key Feature includes: Metal Trigger Punctures C02 On First Pull,
2 Self-Locking 8-Ball Magazine Clips, Quick Release Magazine Feed System,
Under Barrel 12 Gram C02 Air System.  More about the new paintball pistol

Reusable M80 Landmine  

Reusable M80 LandmineThe new reusable M80 Landmine is specifically created for a military training agency, and now available to you, the M80 Landmine is the latest in special gear for scenario players and tactical training. The new M80 Landmine is pressure activated, discharges a variety of harmless payloads, and is durable for years of use in harsh environments! Take paintball to the next level of realism, fun, and tactical excitement with this mine.  More about the new landmine

Operation: End War - Arming You Right for the Battle of a Lifetime!
Operation: End War will not only redefine the scenario gaming experience, it will leave you a better-equipped player! This is the world's first scenario to limit paintball markers to only magazine-fed models, such as the T68 SplitFire and the RAM Combat Pistol, with the goal in mind of creating the most realistic milsim gaming experience to date - you don't see hoppers in Afghanistan, and you don't find brightly colored speedball-style combatants in Fallujah. 
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Operation End War: Rise of the Small Unit Tactics

RAP4 is proud to announce the rise of a new kind of hyper-realistic scenario: End War, coming this summer and featuring only magazine-fed paintball markers...lether you bring your own RAP4 marker or indulge in the T68 Gen 6 rental package that includes three magazines, tactical vest, and the latest T68 markers. Read complete story.

CO2/Pods Elastic Armbands Quick Reloads at the Ready!
RAP4 is proud to announce a perfect accessory for stock class players, pistoleros, and anyone who wants to look hardcore: the CO2/Pods Elastic Armband. Wear your backup paint and 12gram cartridges on your wrist, forearm, or bicep, to keep quick reloads at the ready without weighing you down. Read complete story.

Train More - Train Harder...With RAP4 Field Paintball Action Paintball is proud to announce a bold rebuke of the economic slowdown: RAP4 Field Paint, the lowest priced high-quality paintball available. New to the market, RAP4 Field Paint is made primarily from soybean oil so that it's non-staining, environmentally friendly, and safe to use at any field. Read complete story.

RAP4 Field Paintball

RAP4 Field Paintballs (Box of 2000) (White)RAP4's new Field Paint will be rolling out to fields and stores in the next few weeks, but you can pick up a case early, direct from RAP4. Available in your choice of white shell with bright white fill, and green shell with green fill, RAP4's Field Paint will revolutionize how you train - and how often you can play! Read complete story.

Paintball Tactical Flashlight
RAP4 is proud to announce the Paintball Tactical Flashlight, a universal accessory that brings the power of light to your marker! The Paintball Tactical Flashlight works mounts to standard weaver rails on any paintball marker, including the accessory rail beneath the pistol and other paintball sidearms.
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Operation End War 2010: February Issue
Real Action Paintball, the leader in military and police simulation and training, is proud to bring you an exciting new scenario game: End War. This summer, the industry's leader in tactical training is teaming up with dynamic leaders in scenario paintball to bring you a mil-sim game that is truly as real as it gets. Read complete story.

Paintball Tactical Rifled Barrels
RAP4's full line of tactical barrels helps you harness the firepower of Bob Long, Smart Parts, Dangerous Power, Droid, and other high-end markers...while putting your paint on-target like never before. Read complete story.

Tacamo Paintball
Real Action Paintball is proud to introduce the Tacamo Armory, home of the most realistic AK-47 based, .68 caliber paintball markers. Tacamo stands for authenticity, reliability, quality, and durability. Tacamo markers bring the best combination of looks and function to your service.! Read complete story.

RAP4 At 2009 Enforcement Expo
RAP4 At 2009 Enforcement ExpoRAP4 is proud to announce participation in the 2009 Enforcement Expo! Stop by our booth to handle our latest training gear and cutting edge less lethal launchers, and see for yourself why the T68 SplitFire earned this year's "Law Enforcement Technology Innovation Award." This year the Enforcement Expo anticipates more than 8,000 law enforcement professionals across a full spectrum of departments. More information

RAP4 At Maritime Cyprus 2009 Conference Counter-Piracy Training And Defensive
RAP4 At Maritime Cyprus 2009 Conference Counter-Piracy Training And DefensiveHigh seas piracy is a mounting concern for shipping companies and their crews. RAP4 is proud to participate in effective counter-piracy training and defensive armament for personnel affected by this global threat. RAP4 is proud to be part of the solution for promoting maritime safety in pirated water.
More about RAP4 in the high sea.

T68 Land Warrior

T68 Land WarriorT68 Land Warrior, the first paintball marker that has an on-board camera system right out of the box! Now you can capture "gun cam" angles during the action in each and every fire fight. Use the footage to make an event DVD, post your best shots to YouTube and prove your stories are real.
More about the T68 Land Warrior.

NEW Sidewinder Scope Mount
Sidewinder Scope MountSidewinder Scope Mount for optics and sights, lasers and lights. This integrated system is the latest and the best scope mount available. It enables multiple mounting options and configurations, including offset (to see around hoppers) and high rise (to use metallic sights). It is has multiple rails so you can also attach flash lights and lasers. More about the Sidewinder

RAP4 Basic Painting Scenario DVD
RAP4 Basic Painting Scenario DVD Player and industry reviews suggest "Basic Painting" might be the best paintball film yet produced. It provides an entertaining look behind the scenes at the West Point Spring Combat Classic, and contains information and footage of interest to players who already think they know our challenging sport. "Basic Painting" is masterfully filmed, with mesmerizing detail and stunning images that really take you into paintball - a game played by millions in countries all around the world. Read complete story.

Operation End War: January Issue
This exciting scenario will be as real as it gets: only magazine-fed markers will be allowed. The rental package available FREE to all players includes not only the use of the latest T68 Gen6 markers, but also three magazines and a MOLLE pack to hold them. Players may bring their own .68 or .43 markers, and strict mil-sim equipment and apparel is encouraged for the ultimate playing experience.! Read complete story.