Introducing Real Action Marker
codename: RAP4

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The first real action paintball marker that is identical to the legendary M4 rifle used by SWAT Teams and the U.S. Military. The RAP4 shoots 40 or 43 caliber paintballs wrapped in metal or plastic shells. The RAP4 automatically ejects the

shells in rapid-fire succession just like a real M4 rifle.  There are two types of ammunition: metal-shelled and plastic-shelled (for environment protection the plastic shells are biodegradable ).

Although the RAP4 is an automatic paintball marker, it only uses 1.5 joule to launch a 0.029 oz. projectile a distance of 33 meters. With this power, the RAP4 can be fired 50 times with only 0.4 oz of   CO2.  RAP4's Co2 cylinder is ingeniously hidden inside the butt stock.  The RAP4 is a marvel of engineering!

The world's first paintball marker designed like a real assault rifle.  Features include:

  • Adjustable for semi or fully automatic fire

  • Shell casing ejected after each shot. 

  • Clip fed 20 rounds magazine. 

  • Low pressure or steady pressure launch
  • Gas exhaust through flash hider-type muzzle
  • Low gas consumption
  • Can be fully submerged in water without harm. 
  • Velocity 250 to 450 fps (adjustable)
  • Simple to operate & easy to maintain

 The RAP4 allows you to enjoy War Games like never before! It looks and feels like a REAL M4 military assault rifle.  Casings are ejected out the side in rapid-fire succession just like a real M4 rifle!  Safely experience the excitement and heroism of real war combat!  This is as REAL as it  gets!

US SOCOM training.  Weapon shown in photo are not products of Real Action Paintball LLC / Real Action Markers are identical to military M4 rifles in every respect, except the lethal action has been replaced with non-lethal paintball action.  In ALL other respects, these are REAL M4 military rifles.  Warning: FACE and EYES PROTECTION must be worn at all times when using any RAP4 marker!

Unlike traditional paintball markers that rely on gravity and a hopper for reloading, The RAP4 loads through a bottom-mounted magazine just like a real M4 rifle! This gives users an incredibly "realistic" feeling for War Games and SWAT simulations.

Due to these many outstanding features, the RAP4 is undeniably the best non-lethal assault rifle in the world today.  Many branches of the U.S. military and local law enforcement use the RAP4 in their training camps and simulations.  The RAP4 is a 1000 times better than a cheap aluminum marker because it is designed and built exactly like a real M4 assault rifle.  This makes RAP4 the PERFECT marker for military training, SWAT simulations, and competitive War Games.  Best of all,

the RAP4 is extremely safe, highly affordable, and more fun and excitement than anything you've ever experienced.

The most special feature of the RAP4 line of markers is that 90% of all our parts and accessories are interchangeable!  For example, a RIS (Rail Installing System) can be installed on a RAP4 and an airsoft M203 Grenade Launcher is easily installed on a RAP4 as shown in the right-hand photo.

View RAP4 Operation video