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RAP4 is proud to announce a major development for our Canadian players: the opening of RAP4 Canada, in Manitoba. Our expansion includes a website just for Canadian players and dealers, as well as a physical presence in Manitoba. This means no more hassles with Customs or delays with international shipments; it means less expensive shipping (within Canada), and even faster service.

That’s right—while we look forward to seeing you at MagFed games around the US, you no longer have to wait to go to a game in the States before you buy all the RAP4 gear you need. Now, it’s a simple matter of buying it domestically and saving big!

Players around the world are embracing MagFed paintball, and military and police tactical units are using many of our products to conduct the most realistic—and valuable—force-on-force training possible. The players and professionals value the same things in our equipment: the extreme realism in look, feel, and controls, the utter reliability of our industry-leading designs, and the high quality of our products.

With so much demand throughout North America, by players and tactical professionals alike, it was an easy decision to develop an official RAP4 presence in Canada.

Now dealers can work with our Canadian facility to receive products directly, saving time, hassle, and money. That helps them pass the savings on to you…

…and players who visit our new RAP4Canada.com website will be able to order directly from our Canadian facility for fast delivery and no importation hassles. How cool is that?

Canadian players will be able to have their new 468 shipped right to their door faster than ever before, and faster than just about any marker you have to ship in from abroad. You can also get all the DMags you need, and avail yourself of our full line of load bearing vests, mag pouches, BDU outfits, sights, barrels, and accessories.

It’s part of our plan to bring MagFed paintball to the world, and it’s another way we can thank our Canadian players for supporting us. Visit RAP4Canada.com today, and get started!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

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