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RAP4 is proud to announce the launch of RAP4 Israel! With the increasing global demand for RAP4 products at paintball fields, military training sites, and police facilities, RAP4 has expanded its global distribution with a new presence in Israel and a new website dedicated to Israeli customers. RAP4 is currently working to promote the sport and develop a physical presence in Israel, and already the new RAP4 Israel website is up and running!

Products ordered through will ship from within Israel, saving customers lots of money and time. With many police and military units throughout the region issuing M4/M16 - pattern rifles, the award-winning RAP4 T68 markers fit right in with force-on-force training and milsim paintball games! AK-pattern Tacamo markers, available through, perfectly simulate the other popular arms afield in the region, allowing game operators to create the most realistic scenario paintball games ever...

...and allowing military and police units to train with, and against, exact reproductions of contemporary real world military hardware.

Check the website frequently for updates on games, special events, and promotions in Israel, as becomes the thriving new hub of paintball in Israel!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!


Deluxe Maintenance Kit
Deluxe Maintenance Kit
SKU: 014576
Box Magazine Clear Panel
Box Magazine Clear Cover
SKU: 014575
Cryptonic Multi Tool
Cryptonic Multi Tool
SKU: 014478
Tppmann A5 Mechanical Trigger
NEW Tppmann A5 Mechanical Trigger With Selector Switch
SKU: 014472
Gas Through Magazine for Tippmann® A5®
Gas Through Magazine for Tippmann® A5®
SKU: 014465
Cryptonic Palm Lite
Cryptonic Palm Lite
SKU: 014477

 *Weapon of the Week* T68 Reflex Paintball Gun

 *Weapon of the Week* T68 Commando 2 Paintball Gun

 *Weapon of the Week* T68 Black Ops Paintball Gun

 *Weapon of the Week* T68 Delta 3 Paintball Gun

Ergonomic RIS Rail Cover (6x) (Tan)
SKU: 014474

 Tactical Body Armor (ACU)

 Tactical Body Armor (British Disruptive Pattern Material - DPM)

 Tactical Body Armor (Desert Camo)

 Tactical Body Armor (Digital Desert)

 Tactical Body Armor (Digital)

 Tactical Body Armor (Olive Drab)

 Tactical Body Armor (Tiger Stripe)

 Tactical Body Armor (Urban Camo)

 Tactical Body Armor (Woodland)

 Tactical Body Armor (Black)

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