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RAP4 is proud to introduce RAP4 Malaysia, by way of the exciting new website www.rap4malaysia.com. Your premier source for tactical equipment is now a whole lot closer to home, with RAP4's expanded presence on the Asian market. By providing warranty, service, and repairs in Asia, you save the time and expense of shipping your marker to America...and you can get new gear and custom work done a lot faster and more inexpensively!

The web portal www.rap4malaysia.com is your gateway to Asian tactical paintball, featuring exclusive promotions and offers for the Asian market...like the RAP4 & Pro Paintball Photo Contest earlier this year. As RAP4 sponsors and hosts events throughout Asia, you'll hear the news at www.rap4malaysia.com first...and have access to all the details, like insider tips on gear rental packages and sweet discounts for preregistered participants!

You'll also get access to the latest news about developments in equipment, like the game-changing Modern Combat Manufactured K1 bullpup marker! Keep up to speed on the evolving T68 series of M16-reproduction markers, and read about how RAP4 is changing tactical paintball with the magazine-fed marker revolution.

Contact RAP4 Malaysia for warranty and repair information as it pertains to your gear and your country, and find a service center nearby. Stay in touch, so we can slip you the hottest industry information first. Check back frequently for game and gear announcements, and sign up to our email list to receive dispatches directly.

We'll see you at Asia's hottest new paintball web portal: www.rap4malaysia.com!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!
T68 Special Edition
 T68 Special Edition
$399.00 $249.00
Save: $150.00

T68 Land Warrior
 T68 Land Warrior
$800.00 $649.00
Save: $151.00

The T68 RIS CQB Paintball Gun
 T68 RIS CQB Paintball Gun
$699.00 $599.00
Save: $100.00
T68 Infiltrator Kit with Marker Package
 T68 Infiltrator Kit with Marker Package
$649.00 $499.00
Save: $150.00
Recon Flip-Up Sight
Recon Flip-Up Sight
SKU: 013562
Price: $29.95

BT TM15 Sniper Kit (Marker NOT included)
SKU: 013566
Price: $224.90

BT TM15 Sniper Paintball Gun Package
SKU: 013565
Price: $654.95
BT TM7 Elite Sniper Paintball Kit (Marker NOT included)
BT TM7 Elite Sniper Paintball Kit (Marker NOT included)
SKU: 013557
Price: $194.95
BT TM7 Elite Sniper Paintball Gun Package
BT TM7 Elite Sniper Paintball Gun Package
SKU: 013556
Price: $549.95
t68 gen7 with police training

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