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Introducing theAPS RAM R1 (M4A3)(Military Enhanced Training System), the world's first paintball marker that is identical to the legendary M4 rifle used by SWAT Teams, Special Operation Groups, and the U.S. Military. The M4 carbine, the U.S. Military's primary weapon of choice, is known for its solid construction, durability, and sustained reliability, and things are no different with theAPS RAM R1 (M4A3). This marker is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4. With features that mimic the M4, such as shell ejection after every shot, magazine fed paintball rounds, and the option of a collapsible or solid stock housing and disguising the CO2 cylinder. TheAPS RAM R1 (M4A3)shoots .43 caliber paintballs which are loaded into alloy or biodegradable plastic shells. The latest improvements to theAPS RAM R1 (M4A3)line improve accuracy, range, and overall precision of the marker, not to mention the added realism of real-world functionality.

The RAM marker continues to set the standard for real-world paintball markers. With the release of the new updated and enhancedAPS RAM R1 (M4A3), the best marker in the world just got better.

APS RAM R1 (M4A3)key features include:

- Adjustable for semi- or fully-automatic fire
- Shell casings are ejected after each shot
- Clip-fed 20 round magazine
- Can be fully submerged in water
- Velocity of 250 fps to 300 fps (adjustable)
- All metal construction
- Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
- Simple to operate and easy to maintain

Weight: 6.14 lbs
Length: 32
Width: 3
Height: 11.5

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A1 Barrel

A2 Barrel

CO Barrel

This product is designed for training and it requires an armorer to up keep the unit in working order. It is not suitable for recreational and for those that cannot up keep it.



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