Rap4 and TAG Paintball will use Exclusive "Viper RTS" Gaming System for "Operation: End War"

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Rap4 and TAG Paintball will use Exclusive "Viper RTS" Gaming System for "Operation: End War"

Hollister, CA - The revolutionary scenario game "Operation: End War," coming this October 2-3, will make full use of the proprietary Viper RTS scenario game system and RAP4's cutting-edge marker technology. The event will be the first of its kind, as all markers will be magazine-fed in strict keeping with the mil-sim theme. Sponsored by scenario equipment leader RAP4, admission for "Operation: End War" includes a full rental package of RAP4 T68 magazine-fed marker, extra magazines, and a belt to hold them.

When planning the event, and considering the tactical and strategic focus of play, the organizers felt that the exclusive "Viper Real Time Strategy" (RTS) gaming system innovated by Viper Paintball was the only format they wanted to use.

The Viper RTS system creates a game environment that is simple to understand, with layers of complexity for those who choose to immerse themselves. This creates a scenario game that puts full control into the hands of commanders and players. The commanders set the pace, create their own strategy, and test their maneuvers while players engage in constant, meaningful action. There are no spoon-fed missions or strange scoring inconsistencies. Everything is "above-board" and directed by the commanders and the players.

Viper Paintball is eager to bring their Viper RTS system to the west coast, and feels that this tactical environment will make for an awesome west coast debut.

Patterned after "Real Time Strategy" video game designs like those used in "Command & Conquer" and "StarCraft," points in the Viper RTS are accumulated by accomplishing objectives and strategically placing forces. Money is the result of your activities on the field, and supplies are made available by the possession of certain objectives and having the necessary funds to purchase them. Scoring and tracking is done by proprietary "Viper RTS" software.

Viper Paintball is excited to be working with RAP4 and TAG Paintball to bring this incredible, truly unique event to the players. The combination of the unique Viper RTS format, the tactical aspect of RAP4's magazine-fed markers, and a great field like TAG, should make this an event to remember.

Attendance will be capped at 400 players, so register NOW!

Event details, registration info, and news updates at: www.operationendwar.com

Gear provided by RAP4: www.rap4.com

Scenario implemented by Viper Paintball: www.viperpaintball.com

Host field Tag Paintball: www.800tag5150.com



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