RAP4 Repair and Service

1 Click here for simple "How To"  instructions
2 Sending an item in for Repair ExchangeReturn  you will need a RMA#

Getting a RMA number for return/repair/service

  • Please login into your account here: http://www.rap4.com/login.php/.
  • Click on My Account on top menu or hover your mouse over My Account to see the drop down menu and then click on Order History "View My Order History"
  • Click on "View"
  • Click on "Return/Exchange" and fill out the RMA request form
  • An RMA number will be issued for each item you wish to return.
  • This form http://rap4.com/repair/form.html  must be filled out completely and accompanied with your item
  • Your return request will be reviewed within 1-3 business days and will be approved if it meets the criteria of our return policy
  • Once approved, you can send the item(s) back with the RMA number(s) written clearly in large lettering next to your return address on the box, this will help speed up the process.
  • All RMA numbers issued are good for fifteen (15) days from the date of issue.
  • Prepaid shipping is required for all returning products.
  • If there is no RMA number on the box, it will be either returned to you or discard, because our receiving department would assume that it is an unauthorized return.
  • We recommend that you ship by UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS with a return receipt so that you can track the package
  • Once the item(s) is received, it will take another 1-3 business days to review the item's condition and the return will be processed accordingly.  You will receive update emails regarding your return progress, or you can track your return by logging into your account, go to "Order History" -> "View" -> click on RMA number
3 If you don't have an account and did not purchase the item directly from RAP4:
Please click here to create an account and then click here to request an RMA through our support system. Please specify in your request:
- Item name/description
- Serial number if applicable
- Where and when did you purchase the item