NEW! Shaped Projectile® DMAGs®

DMAG® Shaped Projectile® Magazines are designed to function in paintball guns designed with a DMAG®-compatible magazine well. The magazine holds two stacks of rounds vertically for the most reliable feeding possible. Special detents keep the paint stack secure when the magazine is not inserted in your marker, and the magazine is easily and quickly removed and spun front-to-back to load the second stack much faster than drawing and inserting a whole new magazine. Get back on target faster than your opponent!

DMAGs are easily disassembled for cleaning, and should you damage a component, are easily repaired with inexpensive replacement parts.

Product Specifications: DMAG Shaped Projectile Spring Installed Features Easy Load Shaped Projectile Doors (they fold completely out of the way allowing you to push round after round into the magazine).

- 14-Round:

- 20-Round:

- 30-Round:

- Multi-Pack:

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