Siege of Bastogne 2014

oklahoma dday paintball event
RAP4 is proud to announce the Siege of Bastogne, an epic Mag-Fed game on an epic field: the Oklahoma D-Day Adventure Park field, as part of OK D-Day 2014! A true Mag-Fed game, this event will be especially exciting for its location right on the D-Day field, with war-damaged village buildings, real military tanks, challenging terrain…and plenty of opposing forces using the most realistic equipment available.

Oklahoma D-Day is one of the most spectacular events you could ever attend, and is the culmination of a week’s worth of scenario games, skills courses, and adventure. Starting on June 9th, OK D-Day brings you opportunities to try out for—then later, play in—elite special forces units. You’ll go through extensive training and physical conditioning, force-on-force maneuvers, and team building on military-style obstacle courses. You could also play in the “mini scenario games” just about every day of the week, or attend special courses for developing your tactical skills…or hang out in one of the largest vendor’s villages in paintball.

Then, as the week draws nearer the epic OK D-Day battle on Saturday, June 14, you’ll get to take the field for the Siege of Bastogne!

All Siege of Bastogne players are required to adhere to Mag-Fed Only rules, meaning that you can only bring magazine-fed paintball guns into the game—paintball guns with high-capacity, unrealistic hoppers are simply not allowed…which keeps it truly tactical for you! With realistically limited round count in your quickly exchanged magazines (of which you can carry as many as you want—especially since DMags are only $5.90 each), you need to rely on your tactics, teamwork, and marksmanship instead of a full hopper.

Need a Mag-Fed paintball gun for the Siege of Bastogne? We’ll loan you one—free with your paid registration. You’ll also receive a few loaner magazines, and when you realize how awesome Mag-Fed is (and how well the marker we issue you works) you’ll be able to buy your rental at a special price. Far more 468 Mag-Fed paintball guns leave our Mag-Fed Tour Truck than come back into it, because players don’t want to let go of the most intense paintball gun, and format, they’ve ever experienced.

We’re proud of that, and will show you everything you need to know about Mag-Fed before the Siege of Bastogne—just come by RAP4 headquarters during the week leading up to the game.

Then we’ll see you on the field for an amazing Mag-Fed Only Game at a world-class facility!

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

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