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T68 M4 Firestorm Evolve with your game

firestorm paintball gun


RAP4 is proud to introduce the T68 M4 Firestorm - ready for action right out of the box, and ready to adapt to your most challenging missions.

The T68 M4 Firestorm is a faithful replication of the M4 rifle, and incorporates legendary features like the multi-position collapsible stock, birdcage-style flash hider, M16-style magazine, and detachable carry handle mounted above the charging handle. RAP4's engineers even recreate the multiple fire modes of the M4 by clever use of the RAP4 Firestorm electronic grip frame, which affords the T68 M4 Firestorm three devastating fire modes: true semi-auto, burst, and full-auto.

Each T68 M4 Firestorm ships to your home or field with the detachable carry handle, a mil-spec accessory rail mounted atop the receiver, the multi-position collapsible stock, M16-style magazine, metallic sights, basic tools, a spare parts bag...and is ready for immediate service. Take the T68 M4 Firestorm out of the box, air it up, load it up, and hit the chrono station to dial in your field's specific velocity. It's that easy to go from shipping box to start station with confidence.

As your participation evolves, you'll face different challenges - from close quarters battle where the T68 M4 Firestorm's compact size and immense firepower help you gain the competitive edge, to extreme missions through rough terrain across the backfield where you'll appreciate its durable construction and rugged features.

When you're ready to evolve into an ultra-modern player with those game-altering accessories like paintball grenade launchers, lasers and flashlights, night vision equipment and scopes, the T68 M4 Firestorm is the perfect platform to build upon. The mil-spec rail atop the receiver is ready for optics and illuminators. The barrel can swap out for sniper-length barrels, M16A2-style barrels with the longer handguards, rail-bedecked RIS handguards ready to accept as many accessories as you have...the possibilities are vast.

Your freedom is immense - build your T68 M4 Firestorm into exactly the marker needed for your style of play, special mission, or to suit your changing fancies.

By starting with the T68 M4 Firestorm, you ensure that the core functionality of the marker - its rate of fire, velocity consistency, and dependability - are top-of-the-line. Then you can build a Special Operations –style M4, or a patrol-style M4, or a full-size M16A2...whatever the mission requires.

The T68 M4 Firestorm comes ready for action, right out of the box. With its high-quality components and durability-engineered construction, it's ready for intense action. And with the integral accessory rail, interchangeable barrel and stock, and the versatility of the T68 series of markers, your T68 M4 Firestorm is ready to evolve with your game.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets

T68 M4 Firestorm
T68 M4 Firestorm Selective Fire with Full Auto

Rap4 T68 paintball gun package
T68 Tactical Carbine Ready to Play Power Package
Price: $599.00
Sale: $349.00

 T68 Tactical CQB
            Ready to Play Power Package
T68 Tactical CQB Ready to Play Power Package
Price: $699.00
Sale: $449.00

T68 Land Warrior
 T68 Land Warrior
On sale $649.00

T68 Special Edition
 T68 Special Edition
On sale $249.00

The T68 RIS CQB Paintball Gun
 T68 RIS CQB Paintball Gun
On sale $599.00

M16 Iraqi Freedom Paintball Gun
 M16 Iraqi Freedom Paintball Gun
T68 Assault
            Paintball Gun
 T68 Assault Paintball Gun
T68 Avenger Paintball Gun
 T68 Avenger
T68 Basher
            Paintball Gun
 T68 Basher Paintball Gun
T68 Battle Ready Package with
 T68 Battle Ready Package with Marker
T68 Blade
            Paintball Gun
 T68 Blade Paintball Gun

T68 Blizzard Paintball Gun
 T68 Blizzard Paintball Gun

            Chaos Paintball Gun
 T68 Chaos Genocide Paintball Gun

T68 Desert Storm Paintball Gun
 T68 Desert Storm Paintball Gun
            Enforcer Paintball Gun
 T68 Enforcer Paintball Gun
T68 Extreme Enforcer Paintball Gun
 T68 Extreme Enforcer Paintball Gun
T68 Extreme Sniper Paintball Gun
 T68 Extreme Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 extreme sniper paintball gun
 T68 Extreme Sniper with 3-12x50 Scope Kit
Frostbite long barrel
            sniper paintball gun
 T68 Frostbite Sniper Paintball Gun
T68 Infiltrator Kit with
            Marker Package
 T68 Infiltrator Kit with Marker Package

T68 M203 Grenade Launcher Package
 T68 M203 Grenade Launcher Package

T68 M4 Carbine Sniper Paintball Gun
 T68 M4 Carbine Sniper Paintball Gun

T68 M4 Carbine SOPMOD Alpha Package
 T68 M4 Carbine SOPMOD Alpha Package
T68 M16A2
 T68 M16A2
            M4 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
 T68 M4 Gen6 - Magazine Fed Paintball Gun
M4 paintball gun with
            M230 Grenade launcher
 T68 Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher Package
 T68 M18
T68 Paintball Gun F.I.R Military Style
            M203 Grenade Launcher
 T68 Paintball Gun F.I.R Military Style M203 Grenade Launcher
T68 Paintball
            Gun Recon 1
 T68 Paintball Gun Recon 1
AR15 paintball gun with silencer
 T68 Paintball Gun Recon 2
T68 Phantom Grenade Launcher
 T68 Phantom Grenade Launcher Package
T68 Punisher Paintball
            Gun Kit with Marker
 T68 Punisher Paintball Gun Kit with Marker
T68 X1 Paintball
 T68 X1 Paintball Gun
T68 Samurai Paintball
            Gun Kit with Marker
 T68 Samurai Paintball Gun Kit with Marker
T68 Sidewinder
 T68 Sidewinder
T68 Socom
            Paintball Gun
 T68 Socom Paintball Gun
T68 with
            Hammerhead Barrel
 T68 with Hammerhead Barrel
T68 Split Fire Dual Feed
            Paintball Gun
 T68 SplitFire Dual Feed Paintball Gun
Sniper paintball gun with super
 T68 Super Sniper with 3-9x32 Scope Kit with Marker
            Paintball Gun
 T68 SWAT Paintball Gun
T68 Tactical CQB Paintball Gun
 T68 Tactical CQB Paintball Gun
All metal T68
            Tactical RIS
 T68 Tactical RIS
T68 Thunder Strike Paintball Gun
 T68 Thunder Strike Paintball Gun
The T68
            Titan Paintball Gun
 T68 Titan Paintball Gun
T68 True Target M4 paintball gun
 T68 True Target Paintball Gun
            ultimate T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Gun
 T68 UDSF Sniper Paintball Gun
Jungle War T68 Vietnam M16
            Paintball Gun
 T68 Vietnam M16 Paintball Gun

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