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NEW T68 Matador Paintball Guns

matador paintball gun
RAP4 is proud to release the T68 Matador with Marker Package. Ready to rock with desert tan components, the T68 Matador is your solution to every tactical problem that requires a well-placed paintball.

Starting with the rugged T68 receiver, the RAP4 Matador is built from a tactical barrel with flash hider, Matador Handguard, multi-position collapsible stock, and two great RIS-interface accessories: the Matador Tactical Vertical Grip and Detachable Carry Handle with integral rear sight.

The Matador Tactical Vertical Grip helps you control the muzzle during intense action, getting the marker on target immediately and tracking moving targets with ease. The Detachable Carry Handle contains an integral rear sight that, along with the integral front sight mounted above the barrel, helps you make precise shots at long ranges. When you want to install a red dot sight, telescopic scope, night vision, or other RIS-interface optic, the carry handle detaches quickly to reveal an RIS rail the length of the receiver.

The Matador Handguard boasts two full-length RIS rails - one on top, and one below, where the tactical grip attaches. These rails allow you to mount optics, lasers, bipods...even RAP4's many RIS-interface paintball grenade launchers!

The T68 Matador comes in three feed variations, to exactly match your mission requirements and style of play: magazine fed, hopper fed, or with the revolutionary SplitFire that allows you to use either at the twist of a collar. To get positive paint feeding for every shot, regardless of the marker's angle, and to keep up with incredibly high rates of fire, the magazine feed option is your ticket. For long engagements where you need the increased firepower of a regular hopper, the hopper feed lets you keep up. And for when you want to carry eighteen extra shots onboard, or index between mission-specific paint and general field paint, you can have your T68 Matador built with a SplitFire system that allows you to draw paint from either source as easily as twisting that collar!

When you need an accurate, compact marker for close-in work, CQB action, and ease of carry across large fields, you need the T68 Matador - an exact, paintball-only replication of the M4 Carbine. And when you need the stable shooting platform of an extendable stock and tactical grip, you need the accessories that come standard with every T68 Matador. The T68 Matador even boasts desert tan handguards and collapsible stock, to match your desert fatigues and other tactical equipment.

Gear up with the T68 Matador with Marker Package, and you'll be ready to topple any foe. RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

 T68 Matador Kit with Marker Package

 T68 Matador Kit (Marker NOT included)
RAP4 Box Magazine With Nautilus
RAP4 Box Magazine With Nautilus Drive

 Matador CQB Vertical Grip (Coyote Tan)

 Matador CQB Vertical Grip (Olive Drab)

 Matador CQB Vertical Grip (Black)

 Matador Handguard (Coyote Tan)

 Matador Handguard (Olive Drab)

 Matador Handguard (Black)

 Matador Rail Cover (1x) (Coyote Tan)

 Matador Rail Cover (1x) (Olive Drab)

 Matador Rail Cover (1x) (Black)

 Matador Rail Cover (2x) (Coyote Tan)

 Matador Rail Cover (2x) (Olive Drab)

 Matador Rail Cover (2x) (Black)

 Matador Tactical Vertical Grip (Coyote Tan)

 Matador Tactical Vertical Grip (Olive Drab)

 Matador Tactical Vertical Grip (Black)

 1 Inch Rear Matador Cap

 7/8th Inch Front Matador Cap
T68 M4 Firestorm
T68 M4 Firestorm Selective Fire with Full Auto

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