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In September, 35 of the world's elite SWAT teams converged in Oakland, California, to compete in the 48 hour Urban Shield training exercises. These teams were tested without pause for two days in various disciplines including emergency medical procedures, traffic control, disease outbreak quarantine procedures, and combat. read more

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MK5 SOCOM Clearance  MK5 SOCOM Clearance  Get into mag fed with these MK5 packages. Select your weapon of choice and dominate the battle field
Paintball Gun Clearance  Paintball Gun Clearance  We are clearing out all our hopper fed paintball guns to make room for our next mag fed productions. Looking into getting paintball gun? This is your best chance to get a fantastic deal that you cannot find anywhere else.
RAP4 Canada  RAP4 Canada  RAP4 is proud to announce a major development for our Canadian players: the opening of RAP4 Canada, in Manitoba. Our expansion includes a website just for Canadian players and dealers, as well as a physical presence in Manitoba. This means no more hassles with Customs or delays with internat...
Siege of Bastogne - Mag-Fed Only Battle Oklahoma DDay 2014!  Siege of Bastogne - Mag-Fed Only Battle Oklahoma DDay 2014!  RAP4 is proud to update you on the Siege of Bastogne, this season's most-anticipated mag-fed scenario game! We're working closely with the crews at D-Day Adventure Park near Wyandotte, Oklahoma, to make our Siege of Bastogne the biggest, most exciting mag-fed paintball game ever
Ambassador For End War 5  Ambassador For End War 5  RAP4 wants you to be an ambassador for Operation: End War 5 this October 3rd-5th at Snake Pit Tactical Training in Copperopolis, California. We’ve put together a sweet deal for our ambassadors, too—free entry to OEW5
Top Shot Competition  Top Shot Competition  RAP4 is proud to announce our Top Shot Contest June 10th-13th at Oklahoma D-Day! This competition is completely free to enter, and we provide the 468 DMR rifle needed to test your skills on our interactive targets.
War On The Range  War On The Range  RAP4 is bringing the swag to a Wild West scenario like you’ve never seen before—the War on the Range at Shooters All Season Paintball near Nicolaus, California. Backed by the fantastic Lockdown Scenarios, and spun around a well-written Wild West scenario, this game is going to have it all…ev...
Lok-Bolt: Chop is a thing of the past  Lok-Bolt: Chop is a thing of the past  RAP4 is proud to announce that chops are a thing of the past. We have exclusive technology that completely eliminates chopping, no matter your cyclic rate—even in full auto—and no matter what angle you hold your gun. That technology is the Lok Bolt, which we put in every 468 and offe...
SuperGame XLVII: 2014  SuperGame XLVII: 2014  RAP4 wants to see you this weekend at SuperGame XLVII, hosted by the incredible SniperzDen Paintball Field near St. Paul, Oregon. There is still just enough time to get pre-registered, and gear up for battle with well over 1,000 players. There will be tanks, missions, and the best Ma...
Future of Paintball Gun Technology  Future of Paintball Gun Technology  RAP4 is proud to bring you the future of paintball—from our engineers straight to your gear bag, we have the innovations that drive Magfed paintball and force-on-force tactical training. That includes recognizing the potential for all Magfed paintball guns
D-DAY 2014: The Siege of Bastogne  D-DAY 2014: The Siege of Bastogne  RAP4 is proud to announce this summer's hottest mag-fed paintball game, to be held the week of the world's largest paintball event: the Siege of Bastogne will play out on the Caen field at the world-famous D-Day Adventure Park during the festival week leading up to Oklahoma D-Day! Th...
Tru-Flight Barrels BLOW OUT  Tru-Flight Barrels BLOW OUT  RAP4 is proud to announce the Barrel Blowout sale on Tru-Flight barrels in a wide variety of lengths, threads, and styles. These are brand new, high quality barrels for your Tippmann markers, ‘Cocker standard threaded markers, and a large number of classic models as well
RAP4 Mag-Fed Texas Road Trip  RAP4 Mag-Fed Texas Road Trip  RAP4 has hit the road to Texas for this weekend’s HALO 2552 scenario game, inspired by the video game and produced by the legendary Viper Paintball at TXR Paintball near Cypress, Texas. While preregistration is closed, we’ll welcome morning-of registrants…and there’s just enough time to get ...
Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cylinder  Rechargeable 12g Co2 Cylinder  RAP4 is proud to introduce the last 12gram CO2 cylinder you’ll ever need—a refillable 12gram that will save you plenty of money while keeping you gassed-up no matter how far afield you travel.
Paintball HALO Game  Paintball HALO Game  RAP4 is proud to sponsor the Viper Paintball HALO game, and to run free Magfed Only games leading up to the weekend-long action! he big game is inspired by the HALO video game.
ATPAT - All Terrain Pattern  ATPAT - All Terrain Pattern  RAP4 is proud to announce a bold new all-terrain pattern designed by a military veteran for combat operators and players who need to keep it as real as it gets. The All Terrain Pattern—ATPAT—was developed by veteran Patrick Pongracz as a hybrid style combining the most effective elem...
Siege of Bastogne 2014  Siege of Bastogne 2014  RAP4 is proud to announce the Siege of Bastogne, an epic Mag-Fed game on an epic field: the Oklahoma D-Day Adventure Park field, as part of OK D-Day 2014! A true Mag-Fed game, this event will be especially exciting for its location right on the D-Day field, with war-damaged village b...
Plug & Play Slide Check  Plug & Play Slide Check  RAP4 is updating our product catalog with all kinds of crucial gear for 2014, and our latest addition will make life with a remote line a whole lot easier: the RAP4 Plug & Play Slide Check. For all those who use a remote line to connect your paintball gun to your compressed air sourc...
Gear Duster  Gear Duster  RAP4 is proud to announce a fantastic product that turns your CO2 tank or HPA tank into a dynamic cleaning tool: the RAP4 Gear Duster. With this surprisingly versatile tool, you gain a touchless method of cleaning goggle lenses,
Mag Fed Paintball!  Mag Fed Paintball!  At RAP4, we are Mag-Fed paintball! What we support can barely be called paintball anymore because its intensely realistic gear, battlefield-recreating facilities, and military-adapted strategies create a type of game play never seen before
Displaying 21 to 40 (of 512 articles)

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