60g CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)
60g CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)

SKU: 000218
UPC: 844596001245
Location: 07A0235

The standard 60g cylinder fires 200 rounds. This cylinder is constructed with a steel casing. The on/off switch is standard at the end. This cylinder fits into the butt stock.

Weight: 1.40 lbs
Length: 10.5
Width: 1.5
Height: 1.5

(Solid Butt Stock)

(RAP5 Butt Stock)

(Collapsible Butt Stock)

12g Disposable CO2 Adapter
12g Disposable CO2 Adapter

SKU: 000239
UPC: 844596001368
Location: 15B0350

The adapter will fit inside the RAP4 buttstock, and uses two 12 gram disposable CO2 cartridges. It will fire approximately 60 rounds. When installing the adapter, it must be installed to the marker first before inserting the CO2 cartridges. Please refer to picture for orientation of CO2 cartridges when installed to the adapter.

For replacement parts, check out part number SKU:
013687 and 013671.

5oz CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)
5oz CO2 Tank Cylinder (Empty)

SKU: 003893
UPC: 844596024954
Location: 06EE100

This 5oz high pressure aluminum tank is designed to last! An excellent choice as a rental or as a personal tank. Lightweight and strong makes this the best CO2 tanks on the market.

Diameter: 1 15/16"
Height: 8 3/8"
Weight: 14oz

Made with pride, made in USA.

Shot capacity for .43 caliber markers:
5oz co2 cylinder: 500+ shots

Shot capacity for .68 caliber markers:
5oz co2 cylinder: 200+ shots

HPA 13ci 3000psi Ultralight Compressed Air Tank (Empty)
HPA 13ci 3000psi Ultralight Compressed Air Tank (Empty)

SKU: 019692
UPC: 844596025012
Location: 27XXXX

Tired of the large gauge and fill nipple found on standard 13ci tanks? This will no longer be a problem for you with the Ultralight 13ci Compressed Air Tank.

Product Features:
  • Mini Gauage
  • Mini Fill Nipple
  • 3000 psi Rated
  • 13ci HPA Capacity
  • Made in USA

Product Specifications

  • Output Pressure: 500-800 psi
  • Pressure Rating: 3000 psi
  • Storage Capacity: 13 ci
  • Diameter: 1 15/16"
  • Height: 9 3/4"
  • Shot Capacity (.43 Caliber): 100+ Shots
  • Shot Capacity (.68 Caliber): 250+ Shots