Tacamo MK Magazine Conversion Kit (Tippmann 98)
Tacamo MK Magazine Conversion Kit (Tippmann 98)

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Then you can rock 20 rounds at a time, making every shot count like a pump player…but relying on the semi-auto firepower of your trusted marker, and the spring-fed reliability (a ball in the chamber every time—no matter the rate of fire, or angle of the marker) of the RAP4 magazine.

Tacamo’s engineers have been working on this kit for a long time, getting the compatibility perfect…and then focusing on the aesthetics outside. The Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kit retains the H&K-aesthetic, helping you achieve the look of an MP5, HK93, or other widely respected military arm. The Magazine Conversion Kit even takes your standard trigger group, or the aftermarket electronic trigger groups for a real firepower increase!

If you want the advantages and aesthetics of a magazine fed marker, but without sacrificing the onboard paint capacity of a hopper, pick up a RAP4 Box Magazine and put 250 balls onboard your marker…and under spring power to get into that chamber right when you need them. That’s more balls, more reliably, than any standard (or even motorized) hopper!

When you’re serious about woodsball, mil-sim, looking authentic or just having fun, you need to take your marker to the next level with Tacamo!

Key Features Include:
 - Enables you to accept RAP4 Interchangeable Magazines
 - Improve handling, balance, natural point of aim
 - All necessary parts for conversion are included
 - You can still use your hopper when you need to
 - Completely replaces the body panels of your marker
 - Retain and use the marker’s internal parts and most accessories
 - Opens up your field of view
 - Breathe new life into old designs
 - Designed to enhance the aesthetics of your chosen marker
 - Takes you to a whole new level of tactical paintball!