DMR RIS Handguard (12 inches) (No Insert)
DMR RIS Handguard (12 inches) (No Insert)

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Are you a marksman on the field? Have you been looking for a DMR Length Handguard? 

The DMR RIS Handguard the handguard for you. At a full 12 inch lengths and featuring a quad rail system you can set up your marker with the exact accessories you want on your marker with room to spare!

  • 12 inch RIS Handguard
  • Quad Rail system
  • Your Choice of Inserts (7/8th or 1 Inch)

***We recommend using the 1 Inch RIS Insert on the T68 to allow Handguard to be free floating, If you wish to attach it to the barrel you will need to select the insert that matches the outer diameter of your barrel***