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AK47 Wood Kit with Tippmann® 98® (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

AK47 Wood Kit with Tippmann® 98® (CLEARANCE/No Refund/No Exchange)

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When you need a Tippmann 98 that performs at a whole new level of function and design, perfectly mimicking an AK-pattern rifle, you need the AK47 Complete Kit with Tippmann 98. Retaining the trusted Model 98’s reliable platform, this exciting kit adds the functional accessories needed to make it an amazing reproduction of a full-size AK—as issued around the world!

Real wood is used to create the handguards, grip panels, and stock that transform the included Model 98 into an AK-patterned marker. Players who love the integral tactical grip on the 98 rejoice—the AK47 Wood Kit adds an ergonomically sculpted wooden extension to that grip that even features a palm swell for utmost comfort. The wooden hardware utilized in this kit is made in a facility that makes real AK parts, and are milled to mil-spec dimensions wherever possible. The included Recon Barrel—a leader in its class for accuracy and durability—is augmented with a reproduction gas tube on top, and includes a front sight post to help you get on target. The stock mounts securely to your shoulder to help steady your aim, and the grip panels feel smooth in your hand.

This kit includes an AK-pattern sight rail that adds a length of mil-spec RIS rail to the top of the Model 98’s receiver, allowing you to attach any number of scopes, lights, lasers, and other accessories.

And the LETS Red Dot Scope helps your marker to truly outperform the others at the field. With a 2x magnification that brings targets into focus while still letting you shoot with both eyes open—perfect for keeping your head in the game without getting “tunnel vision”—and a 42mm lens that lets in plenty of light and gives you a large field of vision for tracking moving targets, this adjustable-intensity sight even mimics the aesthetics of optics mounted on some of the best AK pattern arms in the world!

Improve your game with this Tippmann 98 to the ultimate AK47 experience today!

Key Features Include:

- Awesome LETS 2x42 red dot sight

- Real wood
- Secure-mounting sight rail
- Secure-mounting magazine and mag well
- Authentic dimensions

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