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Frostbite Sniper Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

Frostbite Sniper Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

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Give your opponents the chills when you take the field with the Frostbite Sniper Kit for your Tippmann 98! This kit gets you ready to play the role of sniper by providing industry-leading innovations in one handy package that overhauls the look, feel, and accuracy potential of your Model 98. 

The Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrel provides spin-control to your paint, stabilizing the balls for improved accuracy. The tip is threaded to accept a wide range of muzzle breaks and flash hiders…and your choice of suppressors. The Frostbite Sniper Silencer, with its aggressive milling and mil-sim style, is the recommended suppressor for this package…but you’ve got options. 

The M4 Front Sight assembly clamps onto your barrel, giving your marker the look and feel of an M4-based sniper rifle…and giving you a fully functional front sight to use with your choice of rear sights, or to co-witness with a red dot optic. 

The long Tactical RIS Handguard gives you four full-length mil-spec RIS rails so that you can attach a host of options, including the RIS Bipod with 45 Degree Swivel that helps you hold the marker on target from the prone position, or when barricaded over a log or other structure. When your ambush turns into a waiting game, set up the bipod and stay focused, ready, and on-target for that split second when your opponent comes into view! 

Then line up your 3-9x power, 40mm scope—with rubberized armor helping it resist our tough environment—and make sure that your first shot hits its mark. The scope mounts to the Dual Universal Offset Mount, which gives you top and side RIS rails to mount scopes, lights, and other accessories such that your hopper doesn’t get in the way. 

The multi-position collapsible M4-inspired stock ensures that you get a custom-length stock no matter the thickness of your tactical vest, the length of your arms, or the thickness of your jacket throughout the seasons. This stock helps you track moving targets and hold this imposing sniper marker steady while you pick off opponents. 

The M4-style SOCOM Magazine and magwell bolt to your lower receiver, completing the look of an M4-based sniper system.

The Frostbite is one tough package that makes one tough mil-sim marker!

Key Features Include:

- Sniper-length 18” barrel

- Adds seven RIS rails to your marker

- Rubber-armored scope for durability

- Improves accuracy and stability of your marker

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