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T68 Berserko

T68 Berserko

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When it’s time to go berserk on the field, eliminating every opponent in sight and disabling every tank, bunker, and tower they have, you need the awe-inspiring power and adaptability of the T68 Berserko. Built from a Gen7 T68 receiver to give you unsurpassed reliability and durability, each T68 Berserko is outfitted with an array of modifications and upgrades that will truly set you apart.

In keeping with the magazine-fed revolution, where players are discovering the heightened realism, increased reliability, and extraordinary fun of playing with magazine-fed markers, the T68 Berserko accepts interchangeable spring-powered magazines. Swapping an empty magazine for a fresh one is as easy—and realistic—as swapping the magazine on a duty-issue M4...then you get the reliability of having a ball held securely in the chamber by the spring-powered magazine to prevent chopping or dry-firing.

To help you get that first shot on target (and every subsequent shot, too), we attach a Tacamo SOCOM Air-Through Stock to the rear of the marker—hold it securely against your shoulder as you track targets across the field! This stock provides an attachment point for remote lines, so you can carry your tank on your back...leaving the T68 Berserko light, responsive, and ultra-realistic.

We include a 14” Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrel that stabilizes your paint for ultimate accuracy, and crown it with an MK23 II SOCOM Silencer. Around that barrel is the dramatic F.I.R. Handguard, which adds four lengths of RIS tactical rails to the marker...including an elevated receiver-length top rail that helps get the included Samurai 30mm Red Dot Sight up high enough to use it comfortably while wearing paintball goggles. Turn the scope on, steady your marker, disengage the safety...and you’re ready to rock as fast as you can pull the trigger.

That is, until you need the awesome power of the RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher! For special missions—and special players—you’ll need the ability to “blow up” a tank, bunker, tower, or other impediment to your victory. That’s when you switch your grip to the RIS M203 Grenade Launcher, take aim, and let fly. This pump-action compressed air –powered paintball grenade launcher works with M203 Thunder Grenades and M68 Thunder Grenades to propel various payloads of paintballs or airsoft BBs.

When you absolutely, positively must defeat the opposition—the entire team, including armor—you need the accuracy and dynamic performance of the T68 Berserko and its M203!

Key Features Include:
- RIS M203 Military Grenade Launcher
- Magazine-fed action
- 30mm Samurai Red Dot Sight
- F.I.R. Handguard


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 Available Options

Option 1: There are 9 different air options to choose from: View the different air system available here
Option 2: Your marker comes with a 14" Rifled Barrel, you can upgrade your barrel to rifled version for better performance. You can view the different barrels and specs here
Option 3: You can have the options of Magazine Feed, Hopper Feed, or upgrade to Split Fire Dual Feed
Option 4: This kit comes with all the o-rings to completely rebuilt your marker
Option 5: This tool kit has all the tools for you to service your marker
Option 6: Extend your manufacture warranty to 3 years
Option 7: Add additional magazines to your package
Option 8: Add a cover carrying case to protect your marker. This is an excellent storage case. View the case here
Option 9: Additional 5oz cylinder to your package





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