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MKP Trident Magazine Fed Marker

MKP Trident Magazine Fed Marker

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The MKP Trident Magazine Fed Marker is optimized for special missions that require the “demolition” of structures, tanks, or other equipment...and for when you need to take out a squad with a single shot!

Built on an all-mechanical Tipmmann X7 Phenom marker, the MKP Trident takes those proven internals—including the Flex Valve that makes the MKP Trident extraordinarily air-efficient, quiet, and nearly recoilless—and builds them inside a Tacamo Mag-Fed Conversion Kit. That means you are free of the loud, heavy, ugly hoppers of yesteryear...and are empowered with the interchangeable magazines that bring force-feed technology, realistic round counts, and reloading convenience for a whole new level of realism.

To further enhance the MKP Trident, we add a multi-position Magpul PTS CTR Air Through Stock so you can get a custom fit and the accuracy enhancement of a rock-solid stock for steady aiming. You also can get that bottle off of your marker, as the MKP Trident comes with a RAP4 Flexi-Air kit that gives you air-through-stock capability—attach a remote line to the discreet quick-disconnect, and away you go with a realistic looking, responsively handling marker.

The True Target Point Sight will get your shots on target, and the 12” Recon Rifled Barrel will make sure the paint gets where you need it to go. Crowned with a Stiletto Muzzle Brake, or your choice of other muzzle brake options, this barrel looks great while performing outstandingly well.

We include a Tippmann X7 Standard Shroud so you can attach a wealth of accessories, including the RIS-interface Grenade Launcher! This dynamic accessory is ready to accept an M203 Thunder Grenade, which contains a pre-filled charge of CO2 or compressed air, and depending on exact model, a payload of standard paintballs, .43 caliber paintballs, or airsoft BBs. When you need to indicate that you used the Grenade Launcher, get a special color of paint, load the Thunder Grenade, and then you can “blow” the base, take out a tank, or wreak other forms of havoc!

The MKP Trident lets you take out players with the precision of the RAP4 Recon Rifled Barrel and the reliability of the Tippmann X7 Phenom, then make good use of an extraordinary tactical tool in the Grenade Launcher.

Key Features Include:
- Built on a Tippmann X7 Phenom mechanical marker
- Magazine fed! No hopper!
- Includes Grenade Launcher
- Includes Flexi-Air system for use with a remote
- Designed to provide a second tactical solution—grenades!


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