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T68 Brute Paintball Gun

T68 Brute Paintball Gun

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The T68 Brute is pure business, from the devastating grenade launcher under the Recon Rifled Barrel to the LETS Red Dot Scope and the multi-position collapsible gas-through stock. This T68 is built on the latest Gen7 receiver, a purely mechanical powerhouse that comes set up for magazine-fed action...to give you the benefit of twenty-round interchangeable magazines.

Players around the world are clamoring for mag-fed markers, demanding the reliability of their design (each magazine acts like a force-feed hopper to keep paint securely in your chamber at all times), the ease of reloads, and the heightened authenticity that only comes with magazine-fed markers. We designed this T68 to make full use of that magazine-fed system, and then equipped it with the accessories you need to dominate your opponents.

The 14 inch long Recon Rifled Barrel stabilizes your paint unlike any other barrel, and testing proves that the 14 inch length gives the best balance between gas efficiency and accuracy. To get each of your magazine’s twenty rounds on target, we outfit the T68 Brute with a LETS Red Dot Scope that features an enormous field of view...so even as you focus on your opponent, you can monitor the field for additional threats.

To help you track moving players and make even the longest shots hit right on target, we include a multi-position M4-style collapsible stock...that even features our own air-through system. Hook a remote line up to the air-through collapsible stock, and your marker will be free of that heavy, ugly tank...meaning that your T68 Brute will look, handle, and feel, just like duty issue gear.

Most impressively, each T68 Brute comes equipped with an M203 Military Grenade Launcher (Thunder Grenades and Thunder Grenade Charger sold separately). Mounted under the barrel, this grenade launcher perfectly replicates the look and feel of the military-issue grenade launcher, but is designed to work exclusively with paintball-approved compressed air grenades. These grenades, available in your choice of configurations, propel single or multiple paintballs downrange to represent a high-explosive round capable of taking out tanks, bunkers, and heavy machinery. Use a restricted color of “grenade paint,” and there will be no doubt when you’ve blown up the objective. Load the grenades with regular paint, and use the shotgun-like effect to eliminate groups of charging opponents.

With the T68 Brute, you have the tactical flexibility of an industry-leading marker equipped with a devastating grenade launcher. After you upgrade to the T68 Brute, all you’ll need is more opponents.

Key Features:

- Magazine-fed for reliability
- Collapsible air-through stock
- LETS Red Dot Scope
- Metal receiver for durability
- Grenade launcher for tactical versatility




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