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T68 Viper Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

T68 Viper Magazine Fed Paintball Marker

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The T68 Viper is custom-built for long-range, precision accuracy—sniping—while retaining the semi-auto function and high cyclic rate you need to blast your way out of (or into) tough situations. Our engineers build each one from the latest generation T68 body, a milled-metal receiver precisely fitted with mechanical components that will work no matter the weather. Then they include a sniper-length 16 inch Recon Rifled Barrel crowned with a thread-on silencer and an M4 front sight post...

...that perfectly aligns with the detachable M4-style carry handle and rear sight that attaches swiftly to the full-receiver-length RIS rail! They even include a see-through scope mount that interfaces with the carry handle, and a powerful 3-9x32mm scope that will help you observe your opponents’ actions across the field...then get accurate shots on-target the first time!

This mag-fed marker reloads just like its M4 counterpart in combat theatres around the world—push the magazine release and the mag slides out. Slide in a fresh magazine, and you’re loaded and ready to rock. With the magazine’s spring holding the paint under constant tension, the magazines don’t rattle in the marker, and you always have a round firmly seated in the chamber and safe from being chopped by the bolt. Mag-fed players swear by this feature, and it is ready to help you have the most authentic, reliable experience possible with the T68 Viper.

To complete the sniper package, we include the incredibly functional, multi-position collapsible, M4 Carbine Buttstock...with air-through capability, allowing you to attach a remote line directly to the underside of the stock assembly. By using a remote in this manner, you keep your marker light, responsive, and both looking and feeling truly authentic. Extend the stock when you need the extra reach in the prone position to get that firm mount and make your shot count...and collapse it forward when it’s time to run and gun across the field.

The T68 Viper is versatile, accurate, and engineered to truly be as real as it gets!

Key Features:

- Mag-fed action for reliability
- Powerful 3x9-32mm scope
- Bipod for stable aiming
- Multi-position collapsible stock
- Metal construction for durability



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 Available Options

Option 1: There are 9 different air options to choose from: View the different air system available here
Option 2: Your marker comes with a 8" Recon barrel. You can view the different barrels and specs here
Option 3: You can have the options of Magazine Feed, Hopper Feed, or upgrade to Split Fire Dual Feed
Option 4: This kit comes with all the o-rings to completely rebuilt your marker
Option 5: This tool kit has all the tools for you to service your marker
Option 6: Extend your manufacture warranty to 3 years
Option 7: Add additional magazines to your package
Option 8: Add a hard cover carrying case to protect your marker. This is an excellent storage case. View the case here
Option 9: Additional 5oz cylinder to your package




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