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RAP4 SoCal Counterstrike: Tactics and Teamwork

rap4 counterstrike paintball game

RAP4 wants to know how good you are; we mean how good you really are, under fire and in the lead. To find the best and honor them with commanding roles in a dynamic scenario, RAP4 joined up with Bandits Splat Paintball and Jungle Island Paintball to stage a scenario game unlike any other.

"SoCal Counterstrike" this May 21st-22nd is a carefully planned mil-sim scenario game that pits two teams of two platoons each against each other in a host of dynamic missions entwined in a storyline you have to play to believe. Teams will win only with the proper application of tactics and teamwork; with leadership and individual skill...just like squads use in real world conflicts to solve tactical problems and destroy their opposition.

Can you eliminate a barricaded opponent who seemingly has all the advantages? Can you hit targets at a dead run, your heart pounding after vaulting hurdles and crawling under concertina wire? Can you direct a covert assault in absolute silence, striking before you're detected?

Alright. Prove it.

"SoCal Counterstrike" opens on Saturday morning with players mustering with their assigned platoons at one of four different stations around Jungle Island's scenario paintball super-field. You'll meet real military and police tactical personnel and rise to meet their challenges on world-class fields. Take instruction from the best, and you'll quickly learn how to dominate in CQB, squad level tactics, covert operations, and more. They'll evaluate your skills and performance, to see where you stack up against the other players.

Then leadership positions will be awarded to the best among the best in each your command position is a true reflection of your prowess. Lead by example, and take on fresh opponents in a range of missions that will truly test your mettle.

Event: SoCal Counterstrike
Dates: May 21st-22nd
Host Field: Jungle Island Paintball
Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
Cost: $40 and up
Field Site:
More Info:

Are you good enough to lead? Are you good win? Prove it at "SoCal Counterstrike"!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!
rap4 counterstrike in california

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