Strikeforce Paintball Vests

Strikeforce Paintball Vests

Strikeforce Paintball Vests, the latest in our highly successful line of tactical vests for scenario paintball, Airsoft, and whatever else you can dream up.

The Strikeforce Paintball Vests are designed to keep you competitive in the fastest and most furious paintball games! Its design was based on real tactical vests, and then improved specifically for paintball. The Strikeforce Paintball Vest reflects the latest design trends with modular pouches that are fully interchangeable and fully configurable to meet any user's needs.

Strikeforce Paintball Vests have an integrated map and ID pouch. The new map and ID pouch allows you access to your player ID card with a flip of your finger. The pouch keeps your maps clean and organized, and they can easily be read during the heat of battle.

The Strikeforce Paintball Vest is compatible with all types of MOLLE pouches. It is expandable to hold more paintball pods, magazines, and many other pouch styles and sizes.

The Strikeforce Paintball Vest has multiple options for pouches. The pouches can be attached to the front, back, and the side of the vest - in the exact places you need them. The Strikeforce Paintball Vest exemplifies the best and latest in modular tactical gear design. The Strikeforce Paintball Vest is designed with the MOLLE webbing system for better security for your tank pouch. The MOLLE webbing system is a multi-position hook system that enables you to attach the tank pouch in the position of your choice.

Vest options (see photo below)
1. Air tank pouch - fits all CO2 tank sizes, 48ci and 68ci

2. Vertical 4x MOD Paintball Pod Pouch - add this pouch to hold 4 additional pod vertically

3. Web Belt - add this web belt if you have leg rigs or other leg or pouch attachment

4. 4x Horizontal Pod pouch - add this pouch to hold 4 additional pod Horizontally

5. Water Reservoir - add this water bladder and your vest able to carry 2 litter of H2O

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