Tacamo Paintball Product Line

RAP4 is proud to introduce the Tacamo Armory, home of the most realistic AK-47 based, .68 caliber paintball markers. Tacamo stands for authenticity, reliability, quality, and durability. Tacamo markers bring the best combination of looks and function to your service.

Authenticity - means a paintball marker that looks, handles, and feels as much like the real thing as possible. That makes games more fun, training more meaningful, and helps you get into the role-playing, game-winning state of mind. Tacamo Type-68 markers were developed for military training by countries that field AK-47 rifles. They replicate the external look, heft, point of aim, and controls, right down to the sights. Made at a registered armory that produces real AK-47s, the Tacamo markers are assembled with the same stocks, handguards, sights, and other external components as the real thing.

Reliability - means a ball launching every time you pull the trigger, and flying exactly where you want it. There are no fragile electronic components, no batteries to worry about or sensors to clean. The Type-68 is pure mechanical, because that operating system is the most proven and widely used system in the history of our sport. Put simply, it works - in any weather, at the long end of the weekend, in the cold dark winter and the scorching summer months.

Quality - means the marker you unwrap from the factory has been tested to ensure proper function and then packaged carefully for you. The tactical rails we use are standard mil-spec, so any picatinny rail accessory you have will work with our products. The sights are adjustable, the stocks are interchangeable, and each accessory that bears our name is fit and finished to high standards. Internal surfaces are honed. Exterior surfaces are finished and ready to go.

Durability - we use thicker receivers than we have to. We use stronger connection points. We use higher grade materials, and better finishes, because we expect our products to survive the same training, manhandling, and abuse as the real AKs they replicate. Customers have abused our markers horribly, because life is neither fair nor easy...but they just keep on working.

Tacamo is dedicated to woodsball, a commitment that carriers beyond our stunning Type-68 line, into our A-5 body kits, Tacamo Paint, and modular accessories. We've been around, and are working on the future of woodsball equipment. Come grow with paintball. Come play with Tacamo.

Visit Tacamopaintball.com for more information

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