Target Balls for Combat-X, The Reusable Paintball Target Practic

RAP4 is proud to introduce Target Balls for Combat-X, the reusable paintball target practice system. The target system comes with an enormous 18" target divided into twenty numbered sections much like a dart board. The system is available in both .43 and .68 caliber. The .43 Target Balls are for use with RAP4 .43 caliber markers, and work with RAP4's shell casing ejections system. The .68 Target Balls™ work with all standard .68 caliber markers using either gravity or electronic feeders. Target Balls are fun and can be used for target practice to improve shooting and aiming skill, especially the snap shot. Or setup a line at a fixed distance from the target and challenge your paintball team to a game of C02-powered darts.

Target Balls are made with a rubber core for an overall heavier weight that increases the flight distance and accuracy of each shot. Target Balls can be shot from over 50 feet while still maintaining a flat projection on the target. This is ideal for honing your aiming skills.

This off-season, don't just sit there waiting for the snow to melt. While you are waiting, your opponents are training. Now you can be, too.

Key Feature of Target Balls:
- No mess; paintless and reusable
- Cleans barrel while having fun
- Target practice without going to the field
- Ideal for improving for your skill shots
- Works with all markers

View the demo video:

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    • Wear safety goggles and face mask at all times when using Target Balls.
    • User and any person within range must wear eye and ear protection designed for paintball
    • Any person under the age of 18 should use the equipment under adult supervision.
    • Keep all equipment away from small children
    • Misuse of this protect my cause serious injury or death.
    • Read your safety and user the manual of your paintball marker before using it with Target Balls

.43cal Target Balls™ System for Combat-x
.43cal Target Balls System for Combat-x
.68cal Target Balls™ System  for Combat-x
.68cal Target Balls System for Combat-x

100 .43cal Target Balls™ (Bag)
100 .43cal Target Balls (Bag)
100 .68 Target Balls™ (Bag)
100 .68 Target Balls (Bag)

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