Throat Mic and Radio Hand Free Communication Combo Package

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Radio/Throat Mic

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This Throat Mic and Radio Hand Free Communication Combo Package gives unsurpassed clarity, ruggedness and affordability to law enforcement, military, paintball and active sports. Designed for comfort, this communications system delivers outstanding sound quality and discreet interaction, making it mission essential.

The Throat Mic system provides noise canceling for clear audio - this is extremely necessary in noisy environments such as paintball games or use around heavy machinery. This combo package uses VOX for hands-free communication. This is great for motorcycle riders, police, and others whose work requires both hands while they need to talk.

This Throat Mic and Radio system allows your team to stay in constant communication and gather, evaluate, and disseminate the information to draw up strategic plans. Good communication is the key to winning battles. They also serve the law enforcement and military communities with discreet communications capabilities, as well as motorcycle riders, construction foremen, security guards, and others who need to stay in touch in noisy environments while their hands are doing other things.


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