M68 Thunder Grenade

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The M68 Thunder Grenade propels four .68 caliber paintballs at over 100+ feet using CO2 as a power source. The M68 Thunder Grenade is charged via the Thunder Grenade Charger with regulated CO2 pressure. The Thunder Grenade Charger has a built in pressure regular that allows the user to control the output pressure of each charge. This regulated pressure determines the velocity o f the paintball coming out of the M68 Thunder Grenade.

The M68 Thunder Grenade has a patented air accumulator design that allows the CO2 to rapidly expand for a powerful explosion-like delivery. This patented design serves as a noise inducer while also propelling any projectiles loaded into the chamber.

The M68 Thunder Grenade gives a loud "bang"; 100 times louder than a paintball gun when shot. The loud "bang" can be used as a decoy to create a distraction for advancement over the opposing force. The M68 Thunder Grenade can also be loaded with simulated smoke powder. This can inflict fear on the opponent when they hear a loud "bang" followed by seeing a cloud of smoke shooting into the air.

See the M68 Thunder Grenade in action:


More information on Grenade Launcher and Ammo
How to charge a Thunder Grenade with CO2

-you will need grenade charger to power the grenade
-The new series M68 Grenade does not require a regulator



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