Torture Testing the 468's Revolutionary LOK Bolt

468 paintball gun with lok bolt

RAP4 is proud of the 468's growing reputation as the ultimate paintball gun for milsim action...especially in adverse weather conditions, and for extended battles. We took a container full to OK D-Day to loan out to players, who loaded up hundreds of DMags and subject the 468s to cringe-worthy abuse in the mud, the rain, and the heart of the action with thousands of players converging on complicated terrain.

When the rain poured down, the 468s really came into their own...thanks in large part to our revolutionary LOK Bolt.

Between games, with the rain coming down in sheets, Omar Macy grabbed a 468 and a loaded DMag and stepped into the deluge to test the LOK Bolt's ability to tell the difference between paint that was alright to shoot, and paint that was too compromised by the elements to make it out of the barrel intact. He fired a few rounds of fresh paint through the soaking wet 468 without issues...then threw the DMag into a filthy puddle.

Players run into problems when high humidity, especially coupled with summer heat, makes brittle paintball shells soft. The paint swells, sometimes quite dramatically. When this oversized, too-soft paint is forced into the barrel by the bolt ramming home, it usually breaks...leaving the chamber, barrel, and magazine or hopper feed neck, a slimy mess that requires careful cleaning. When that happens, you're out of the game until you can detail strip your gear and deep clean it.

That's no good.

So to keep our players in the games regardless of the weather at OK D-Day and throughout the year, we developed the LOK Bolt. It's a purely mechanical device that prevents the bolt from closing on partially seated paint, as during full auto fire, and through a very clever design, also senses when the paint is too compromised to shoot. Pull the trigger on a ball that's too soft to make it downrange, and the 468 goes click instead of bang. Clear the compromised round in a matter of seconds, swap in a DMag with fresh paint, and blast away.

Omar pulled his DMag from the puddle a minute later, drained the water out, and loaded it into his 468. The paint was on its way out, but was still firm enough to it cycled flawlessly and each round made it safely out of the chamber. Then he dunked the magazine even longer...

...and that time, the paint came out much too compromised to shoot. Whereas an electronic "eye" or laser anti-chop system would detect the ball and allow the bolt to smash it, the 468's LOK Bolt detected the ball and that it was too soft to survive acceleration...and prevented the chop by arresting the bolt. Omar cleared the jam without any mess, and got back to work.

The LOK Bolt keeps you in the game, where other anti-chop systems fail. No matter the weather. No matter your rate of fire. Because we want you to win...and we've designed our gear to get you there.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

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