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In a time where training has become a consistent procedure, a need to develop a more "real time" training program has grown like never before. Training with simulator machines and having specific people stage a scenario through a computer-based image system, that a person was able to set you up for failure by simply a press of the button and the computer telling you that you failed. In reality, you never really knew if you failed because the hammer on the training system (weapon) continued to work while at the same time the sounds of gunfire echoed on the screen and through the speaker system. In the end, you would be told, "no, your gun jammed" or "you were shot as per the computer". This never really made sense given the fact that if your gun ran dry, you would know it, or if there were a jam in the weapon, you would know it.

The mission of Real Action Paintball Inc. and Awareness Protective Consultants LLC is to provide high-end quality products with high-end quality training. Making the force-on-force training arena fun, effective and most importantly safe for all users is the common goal for both Real Action Paintball Inc. and Awareness Protective Consultants LLC. Our training can be customized to fit the needs of our clients while at the same time bring a sense of good conditioning, good decision making skills and above all, good team work.

Courses that we can bring to you: What we require from you in any of our training:

Due to the extreme nature of security in our world today, we only expect the legitimate paintball and force-on-force trainers to attend our training seminars and courses. We will require the proper identification of each participant and a brief history of your background and what you hope to obtain from our training. The protection of enhanced training techniques is critical in this day and age and staff from Real Action Paintball Inc. and Awareness Protective Consultants LLC has the right to deny any potential trainers any courses if we feel a potential threat to our program or our society may be imminent.
Overview of training requirements and registration information:

The training concepts "that we" that we developed are based off "real time" events giving the students high end stress enhanced training environments. With that in mind, we have the capabilities to customize our training to fit your needs. With high intensity training comes a requirement of general good health.

The following is a list of requirements and sign-up eligibility information:

What we bring to you: A dedicated staff of trainers and developers who believe in little or no down time, intensity and reality based training.

For more information contact Real Action Paintball at www.rap4.com or Awareness Protective Consultants LLC at www.apcsecurities.net.